This wolf-pack is one. Although this took place last summer, my hope is that Matt Hunter’s 2-day adventure ride through some British Columbia wilderness will pull some of you out of the funk that the end of winter has inevitably spurred and get you on that mountain bike. If you have to take a float plane to the trailhead then you know it is going to be a good ride, and furthermore if you catch your fish in the same water you don’t hesitate to drink then it is going to be a good dinner. And if you watch a family of grizzly bears from 100 yards and don’t have to play dead to save your life, then it was a good day altogether.

Props to Matt Hunter for documenting this little trip and now hopefully we can all follow suit. Try to stay un-eaten by grizzly bears or gila monsters (depending on your location) as well. Good luck

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  1. Skittle says:

    I want to do that….

  2. Grizz soup says:

    That looks like the perfect little 2 day’er. well put together sir.

  3. downhillforcer says:

    Good one. But why is he cutting the trees instead carry a bit his bike?

  4. nonamous says:

    saw this video days ago.. Bikepacking for life….

  5. Dr Longwood says:



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