So unless you live under a rock you know that the Pacific NW and Northern CA are getting pummeled this week by heavy rains and snows. The hope if you live in the Rockies is that the storms come East and dump on you as well. Let’s take a look at what could happen with the progression of the storms this week.

The trough off in the Northeast Pacific is going to stay there through Friday which means it will aim the jet stream underneath from Northern CA Northeast towards Idaho and Wyoming. That means most of the moisture will stay North of Utah and Colorado until the weekend. For Idaho and for areas near Jackson in Wyoming we could see 6-12 inches of snow Wednesday above 7000 ft. with the first surge of moisture.

Here is the snowfall forecast by Thursday morning:

The next surege of precip comes in Thursday night into Friday dropping another 6-12+ inches on Jackson. Here is the snowfall forecast by Saturday morning showing over 2 feet of snow over the Jackson Hole area and parts of Idaho:

Then on Saturday the trough in the Pacific pushes onshore with strong cold front, lots of cold air, and lots of snow. This large trough will push moisture into the entire lenghth of the Rockies from Montana down to New Mexico. The snow should fall most of the weekend bring up to a foot for most areas with up to 2 feet for some of the aras favored in a West-East flow like Steamboat. Jackson could pick up another 2 feet bringing their total for the week to 2-4+ feet.

Here is the snowfall forecast by next Monday morning showing most of the West covered in snow even down into the the mountains of Mexico. That shows you how cold this trough will be for the month of March.

Long-range the weather looks to remain active in the Northwest which means it should stay active at least in the Northern half of the Rockies. BA

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    This is what I like to hear. Would love a couple more pow days at the village before the end of the season.


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