Thanks to Adri Millan for sending along this POV edit he put together from November 30 in Baqueira Beret, Spain. It looks like the Pyrenees already have a good base and plenty of soft snow. Nice one, Adri!


If you want to see more from the Pyrenees, check out Aran in Edit, a film shot entirely in the Baqueira area.

YouTube Preview Image



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  1. spandeau ballet says:


  2. woodchuck says:

    you actually believe this footage was from nov 30? can i sell you a bridge?

    • Lee Lyon says:

      I don’t get it… this footage is from Nov 30.

      • woodchuck says:

        i get it – you’re on the information dirt road. how could you possibly look at that footage and fall for the nov 30 date? look up the weather and conditions online. do your homework next time

        • Adi Millan says:

          I don’t understand what you mean. But be sure that the first video was shot on Nov 30 2012. I filmed and I edited.
          The second video is a teaser from a movie we film last season. Just for see more about pyrenees.
          Lee, good job!

  3. Pablo Cortegoso says:

    Hey woodchuck, shut up. Please.


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