Here is a bangin POV edit from Ben White that shows the deep from the last few days in Utah. The last air is a good one. Classic Hollywood! Enjoy!

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  1. Pro or what says:

    Why did you put all those company logos up then not throw down.?

    • johnnygaper says:

      That is what you do when somebody sponsors you: put their logo on your gear and in your edits. Doesn’t mean he’s pro, doesn’t mean he’s the best skier you’ve ever seen, just good enough and better than you (someone who doesn’t know the difference between pro and sponsored). Also note that his sponsors are companies like Ramp, Eastern Mountain Sports, and Body Glove, not Red Bull, Oakley and Target.

  2. Anonymous says:

    non stomps abound

  3. Blown Away says:

    Sponsored? Companies are really lowering their standards.

  4. labrat says:

    i know all those lines and zones.. stomping them or not.. pretty sick.
    we all know Go Pro doesn’t do justice in some of footage it takes…

  5. creepyvanguy says:

    looks like some typical tracked up shit at the bird.

  6. Hans franypants says:

    Tough crowd. Give the guy a break. He’s still “sponsored” by his own ma and pa. This kids a hoot. If you choose to ski with him, or that menace Ebbens he chums with, bring your legs…and another thing of salsa.


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