Awesome retro Warren Miller clip from the archives!! Enjoy! from Kirkwood Mountain on Vimeo.

Retro Warren Miller Stoke from Kirkwood, California 

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  1. DudeWhere'sMyBeer says:

    Fartbags and hipchecks. Also, did everyone ski k2 in the ’80s?

  2. RIP Paul Ruff says:

    He died 2 years later in the Kirkwood Backcountry…old school bad ass

  3. DasHippie says:

    52″ overnight? Back in the day before we pissed off mother nature.

  4. Greg Hanson says:

    Too bad all the posers commenting on the clip weren’t born when the film was shot and they would be doing ballet jibbing cars in the snow if it hadn’t been for this crew doing the trail blazing for today’s skiers and riders. All the kooks with their neg comments strap on a pair of 210 TNC’s or KVC’s and ride some lines you’re doing on your 170 water ski width boards then leave a valid comment.

  5. Beefeater says:

    Those guys blow donkey deznutz


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