With the explosion in the number of people in the backcountry in mountains worldwide safety has become a major concern no matter where it is that you ski.  One of the most important pieces of gear that you can own is an avalanche beacon. The Evo 3+ from Arva is a great choice to keep you safe out there weather you are a seasoned veteran or a new guy fresh off the groomers.


The Evo 3+ has a long list of tech features that will give you the best chance of finding a buried buddy. Features like a powerful 457 kHz transmitter thats transmission level does not depend on battery status, a search bandwidth of 40 meters, a multi burial indicator, automatic lock on the nearest victim and a built-in function to block out found victims will take a little stress off your mind before dropping into that big line you have been wanting to try for years. This beacon is powerful and easy to use. Its digital display is awesome and very intuitive.  I rocked it all last year and had better search times than ever before when practicing with friends. It is also more comfortable than any other beacon I have ever worn.

Currently on sale at for $238, the Evo 3+ is likely to least expensive top notch digital avalanche beacon on the market. If you or someone on your Christmas list needs a beacon for this season you can’t go wrong with the Arva Evo 3+.

A quick disclosure from someone who has lost a lot of friends to the mountains in the last 5 years, a beacon is a last resort tool to help you out when you are already in a lot of trouble. Take an avalanche class or two, ski with people who know what they are doing, use your head out there and always wear a helmet.  Staying out of an avalanche in the first place is the key.

To check out more details or learn more about other sweet Arva snow safety products check out their website.

IArva Evo 3+


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  1. pj says:

    hey daryn, how does this beacon compare to the tracker beacon?I bought the original tracker dts 12 years ago when i moved to alta.It was ground breaking back then to have a arrow point in the direction of the victim.After all that time it has stopped working and need to buy a new one.THanks for all your help and education.P.S. hope the bird is good ,i live truckee and squaw has been good,even a few creamy turns at higher elevations.

    • Jeremy says:


      This is a 3-Antenna with a fully digital display. The Tracker DTS is a 2-Antenna and doesn’t compare, they shouldn’t even be making that thing anymore. The functionality and bandwidth is similar to the Tracker 2, but the multiple victim search and display on the Evo 3+ skunk the BCA and for $50 less. Not to mention the Evo has been around and tested longer.

  2. alta says:

    i have one, used all last season, works awesome. has a fool-proof method of saving battery, the harness clip is essentially the power button. my dumbass somehow managed to get it off my body with the harness clip still on, doh!

  3. Miles Clark says:

    Save your money and just buy the airbag pack. You don’t need all those gadgets when the bag will float you to the top.

    • Felix Jauvin says:


      Can’t tell if trolling or retarded.

    • fishy says:

      airbag? pishh who can afford that, just get an avalung and wait to get probed

    • douchee magoo says:

      lmao, you’re actually starting to get funny, even though you’re giving the real Miles a bad name. Miles is a great guy and a great skier.

      • Not Antohter MIles imposter. says:

        Yeah I understand and like the whole stirring the pot thing myself, not to mention a lot of the content has in been lame lately but this hole everyone is Miles thing is getting old. It’s like the real Heckler’s posts, but not all that funny. Just use a different name please.
        Other than that, great review and thank you for your research Daryn.

        • Heckler says:

          hey “why not”, how about you use your real name so we know who you are. Better yet. Why don’t you fix your website so only one user name can be registered.

          You are more at fault then any of the Miles trolls. Beside, you and Miles are the two biggest offenders of using different user names each time.

          Out………Keith Hilken

          • Not Antohter MIles imposter. says:

            Keith, if you are the real Heckler, why the lack of chimney comments? What happened? Why so UnFun? Where did all the self proclaimed radness go? Did Miles Steal your line or girlfriend or something?

  4. Jibosaurus says:



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