Avalanche off the Top of Mt. Owen

In this video you can see the importance of “digging in” when an avalanche trigers at your feet. This lucky skier would have gone for a much longer ride if he was not able to dig himself in and self arrest.

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  1. Gin says:

    Good ole’ Colorado snowpack at its finest.

  2. C.J. says:

    That was not a self-arrest. This very lucky skier was just that, a very lucky skier. The skier was on top of a bunch of debris that happens to come to a stop. Yes, you should always fight to dig in and stop, but this skier just got lucky. If that snow kept moving the skier would have been powerless to stop.

    • You Might be Ret@arded says:

      Lucky for sure, but he did have two whippets so I wouldn’t rule out the fact he was able to self arrest via his uphill side. Hard to tell from the video but it looks to me that it was more than the “debris coming to a stop”. Glad he’s ok.

    • Chuck J says:

      It actually does look like a self arrest (using his self arrest pole). As soon as it breaks it looks like he intentionally puts all of his weight to his right and digs in. I don’t think think debris above him would have just stopped on its own on a slick crust that steep.

    • stinky hippy says:

      looked like he got in the lee of that rock and there was not a lot of snow pushing him…I’d say it looked like he almost steered over to that rock to get under it…

  3. derp says:

    i think i may have pooped a little bit if i was in his shoes/ski boots

    • Bob Van der Ripp says:

      or at least a water stain from crotch to knee. agree with the above, he was more lucky than anything else

  4. Chuck J says:

    if your going to perform massive jump turns all the way down a wind-slabbed chute you should probably stomp on it a few times before your really get into it. Otherwise just straight-line that shit!

  5. Yeah says:

    Hopefully his luck keeps up. This kid has been involved in at least three avys in the past two years.

  6. thecheat says:

    real question.

    is that now safe to ski down?

    or whats the proper next move?

  7. lance_k says:

    That is Mt. Owen Wyoming in the Teton Range.

  8. JJ says:

    no mt owen near lake irwin

  9. creepyvanguy says:

    I this a shameless Black Diamond plug.

  10. crudmaster says:

    No Mt Owen near my bunghole…

  11. chris says:

    for all those armchair skiers here is my trip report- http://www.millerperspectives.com/2013/02/13/big-game-couloir-hunting-mt-owen-february-12-2013-crested-butte-colorado/

    take from it what you will.

  12. kevino says:

    Not much to armchair about when you said it all in your TR:
    -new snow
    -high winds
    -terrain trap
    -awareness and concern about storm slab

    Glad you came out alright.

  13. Powfiend says:

    Small slab, easily managed. quit getting your panties in a bunch over nothing…

  14. *** says:

    hop turn hack….you have no business there you twit.


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