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It is with regret to report that a male skier is in critical condition this evening after getting caught in a local avalanche. The skier had been out backcountry skiing in Ward Canyon today. Although Thursday’s avalanche rating was downgraded to Considerable (3 out of 5) after being rated HIGH (4 out of 5) yesterday, terrain selection remains a paramount concern for current backcountry users. Observations made today from Bliss Peak on the West Shore showed considerable settling of the snowpack compared to Wednesday’s observations made from neighboring Jakes Peak. However, the weaknesses highlighted in the most recent State of the Backcountry report continue to be prevalent.

Winds remained high today continuing to transport snow and further form wind slabs. Blowing and falling snow continued as of 5 pm today at the tops of all the major West Shore peaks. Accidents happen to the best of us and no further details are currently available regarding how the avalanche was set off. Please send our backcountry brother some good vibes for a successful recovery and make sure to be safe out there.

From the Sierra Sun:

TAHOE CITY, Calif. — A skier injured in a backcountry avalanche was rescued by regional emergency personnel Thursday afternoon from a remote and rugged location off the West Shore of Lake Tahoe.

The male skier was transported by ground ambulance at about 5:45 p.m. Thursday to Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee, where he is in critical condition, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

The skier was with two others when the avalanche occurred. He was found about 500 vertical feet below Stanford Rock in Ward Canyon, located off Highway 89, a few miles from Alpine Meadows Ski Resort.

The skiers had not been on Alpine Meadows Ski Resort property; initial reports indicated the skier was near the backside of the resort and that he may have skied out of bounds prior to the avalanche.

You can read the rest of the report here.

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  1. Trail Breaker says:


  2. Zzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Hopefully his conditions improve

  3. Miles Clark says:

    I hope this guy turns out okay. Good energy sent.

  4. Positive vibes being sent!

  5. Jonny says:

    just heard he passed away be careful

    • norcal4ever says:

      I want to thumbs up the be careful part…not that he passed away. Such a bummer. (moment of silence..passion takes as much as it gives)

    • Brennan Lagasse says:

      Just heard from a good old friend who offered the same info. I really hope you’re both wrong, but it really doesn’t sound good.

      I’ve been searching around the net for any sort of update but haven’t found anything. If anyone else finds more info please let us know.

      • livesintahoe says:

        I heard it was a broken arm and a broken leg, I hope that this is all it is. Will be in my thoughts & prayers

        • Brennan Lagasse says:

          I hope that this is all it is as well. x2 on the thoughts, prayers and vibes from everyone else.

  6. Brennan Lagasse says:
  7. sman says:

    soooo many slides this year,,,,,, get the picture?

    be CAREFUL! out there man. the pack is no joke this year.

  8. Ryan Salm says:

    Be safe out there. Ski the resorts. The BC will be there, it’s not going anywhere. Ski today, tomorrow, ski until you are an old man/woman.

    thoughts and prayers.


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