Matt Annetts

Matt grow up right outside Stowe, VT and now lives in Jackson Hole, WY where he trains for the Freeride World Tour.

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Here is a video of the winning men’s ski run at the Verbier Xtreme this year.   As you can see the conditions were very difficult, but Aurelien put down … Read More

Jackson Hole-More Snow is Bon

Today was monumental.  Each night a little more snow and wind really fixes things up properly.  If you could stand the crowds in the morning, there was some amazing riding … Read More

Foot Massage

What the HELL to do in Jackson this week!?

Once again, the thing to do in Jackson this week is rip the pow.  This last stretch of snow has reset the mountain, and it is going off.  But after … Read More

Jackson Hole Feb. 19- Snow is trying

The inbounds skiing on Jackson is still recovering.  The upper elevations north facing shots still have a chalky softer base for this new snow to sit upon.  But, most of … Read More

Jackson Hole: Feb 14- Sun and Wind

So the snow is not the best it has been all season, but this spring weather is very hard not to enjoy.  30 degrees and sunny makes for quite a … Read More

Tyler Horne stoked

Jackson Is Riding Great Again

Well, it felt great to have another sick day in Jackson.  It has been about a week now where we were hitting bottom.  Today things changed. It was only 5″ … Read More

Blake Paul in Jackson

Here is a short clip of local ripper Blake Paul.  He has taken advantage of having such a playground in his backyard.  Blake has figured out a way to ride … Read More

Glove dry ports

Gear Review: Peet Shoe Dryer

There is not much worse than going to start the day , and sticking your feet in a pair of wet boots.  Not only will that give you cold uncomfortable … Read More

Sublette Chair Jackson Hole

Waiting for Snow Jan 8

“Worst day of the season!”  was heard around the mountain today.  With the heat yesterday and the winds all week, the mountain is left in a state that is not … Read More

The Next Generation

Check out this little ripper.  Her name is Kelly Sildraru, and she is 8 years old.  Who knows what they are doing to those kids in Estonia, but it is … Read More

Jackson: Jan 7

Today was a warm one.  30 degrees and sunny was a huge change from the recent  -10 and windy.  The warmth felt great, but the snow was effected negatively. The … Read More

What the hell to do in Jackson this week?

What:  Table Tennis Night The Stagecoach Bar will be hosting table tennis Monday.  And to ease the stresses of competition, there is also a $1 PBR special. There will also … Read More

Jackson Hole: Jan 6

‘If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.’  That commonly used  Jackson saying held true today.  The day started out grey and cold, and by the afternoon it was … Read More

jackon hole tram

Local Review: Jackson Hole Tram

The Jackson Hole Tram is the place to be in the winter.  For all you guys out there waisting your time chasing tail and spraying at the bar, you should … Read More

Matt rippin Jackson Hole, WY ski resort

Jackson Hole: Jan. 3

I think we can officially call this a ‘cold snap.’ The temperatures have not gotten much above 0 for a good stretch now. It may take some motivation to get … Read More

Jackson Hole: What a great December

The end of December is finishing up like the beginning, heaps of great snow.  Today was a little colder, but with a little snow last night, it was just another … Read More


Jackson: Huckleberry Hot Springs

Huckleberry Hot Springs are a great day adventure for when you need a break from riding.  They are about an hour to hour an a half drive North of Jackson. … Read More

Jackson Hole 12-29

WOW.  It was sick out there today.  It started snowing late last night and came in strong.  There was only 7″  reported this morning, but it was riding much deeper. … Read More


Bluebird in Jackson

Today was a rare sunny day this season here  Jackson, WY.   It was a great change of pace, but I am ready for the next storm.  In order to … Read More

Gear Review: Fisher Watea 114

The first thing you notice when you pick up the Watea 114’s is the classic wood look of the top-sheet, as well as the oddly shaped tips.  Fisher refers to … Read More


Jackson Hole: Cannot Go Wrong

With 11″ of new snow over night, and another 6″ throughout the day yesterday, anywhere on the mountain was great.  There was a bit of a late start for snow … Read More

Bluebird in Jackson

It has been two days of beautiful sunshine here in the Tetons, and there still are some great stashes of powder.   The temps have remained low and the snow … Read More


Jackson Hole: Dec. 15, 2010 – Back On Track

After a couple of days where the conditions were not epic, thing finally correct themselves. Another  10″ last night really softened everything up.  It was not the dense snow that … Read More

speedriding, skiing

Speed Riding Is Tight

Article by Matt Gerdes I’ll get right to the point: Speed Flying, also known as Speed Riding, is awesome. Really, totally radical. Speed Flying is the hottest thing since BluBlockers … Read More


A Wet Day in Jackson

It is a strange feeling when you can drive to resort in a T-shirt and feel comfortable.  As anticipated storms keeps missing us, the temperature keeps rising.  Luckily, the wind … Read More

Miller’s Thriller

Darrell Miller has been cranking out local snow porn for 10 years now.  Growing up in Jackson, he started playing around with the camera in a high school class.  Now … Read More