Matt Annetts

29 Mar 11

With all these skiers out there pushing the envelope, it is very easy to forget about the fundamentals.  Kids are in such a hurry to stomp (…)

28 Mar 11

I guess Ueli Steck was not happy with his last record up the Eiger of 3 hour 54 minutes.  The Swiss went back again this year and took over (…)

25 Feb 11

Today was monumental.  Each night a little more snow and wind really fixes things up properly.  If you could stand the crowds in the (…)

12 Jan 11

Here is a short clip of local ripper Blake Paul.  He has taken advantage of having such a playground in his backyard.  Blake has (…)

08 Jan 11

“Worst day of the season!”  was heard around the mountain today.  With the heat yesterday and the winds all week, the mountain (…)

08 Jan 11

Check out this little ripper.  Her name is Kelly Sildraru, and she is 8 years old.  Who knows what they are doing to those kids in Estonia, (…)

07 Jan 11

Today was a warm one.  30 degrees and sunny was a huge change from the recent  -10 and windy.  The warmth felt great, but the snow was (…)

06 Jan 11

‘If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.’  That commonly used  Jackson saying held true today.  The day (…)

03 Jan 11

I think we can officially call this a ‘cold snap.’ The temperatures have not gotten much above 0 for a good stretch now. It (…)

29 Dec 10

WOW.  It was sick out there today.  It started snowing late last night and came in strong.  There was only 7″  reported this (…)

24 Dec 10

Today was a rare sunny day this season here  Jackson, WY.   It was a great change of pace, but I am ready for the next storm.  In order to (…)