Matt Annetts

Matt grow up right outside Stowe, VT and now lives in Jackson Hole, WY where he trains for the Freeride World Tour.

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Off Season Specials | Jackson

The off season is here, so it is time to take advantage.  Town is so nice with very few people and many businesses hook it up for the ones that … Read More

80 hour energy

80 Hour Energy | Product Review

Damn!  This stuff really puts that weak 5 hour energy to shame.  This power boost is about the some price, easier to carry, easier to get in the body and … Read More

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Down On Glen | Damn Good Food

  DOG is a must while in Jackson.  This little hole in the wall pumps out some of the best food in Jackson.  Looking for a cheap, tasty breakfast or … Read More

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Snow, Sleds, and Hot Springs | Spring in Caviahue, Argentina

As the snow is starting to fall in the northern hemisphere, the season is coming to an end in the south.  But, there is still some good riding to be … Read More

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Summer Fun in Jackson Hole | No Name Lake: Pond Skimming and Hucking Carcass | You Will Enjoy this Video!

Earlier this week, a few motivated souls made the trek to No Name Lake with their ski gear and high hopes.  The plan was to pond skim across this high … Read More

True Jacket

Win This Jacket | First Snow Accumulation in Town of Jackson

Win this Trew Jacket!  All it takes is the correct date for the first snow in town. It cannot be just flakes falling, but the snow must add up on … Read More

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New Record! Largest Slackline in Wyoming

A new high was set in Jackson today.  The biggest slackline in Wyoming was set and walked.  After being told to take down a line he had set up since … Read More

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Snowboarding Dirt and Rock in Jackson! People do pretty stupid things when there is no snow to ride.

Turns out those spines on the side of the road are not as soft as I have always envisioned.  The idea was to get the snowboard fix

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25 Foot Tow Session at Teahupoo

Hopefully everyone was able to catch at least some of the epic surfing that took place at Teahupoo during the Billabong Pro that took place this week.  Anyone that has … Read More

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Riders having a great time and Ripping | Manifest Teaser

Aaron Robinson lived a short life, but left quite a mark.  Anyone that was fortunate enough to have crossed

Billabong Pro Tahiti going off in BIG conditions | Watch Live Stream

The Billabong Pro at the infamous Teahupoo in Tahiti is taking place as we speak. The first round took place a few days ago in overhead surf but there is … Read More

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Getting Fired Up For Winter?

Feels like summer just started, and I have heard many people comment on how they are ready for snow

shotgun key chain

Shotgun Key Chain | Gear Review

There are just sometimes when drinking a beer is too slow. This device provides a great solution for that issue.  The shotgun key chain fits easily into any pocket and … Read More

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Lithium Bike Trail | Dry and Dusty

Lithium is one of the more difficult trails in the valley, and it is only getting more technical as the dry summer continues.  The dust and


What the Hell to in Jackson this weekend?

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, but summertime is still kicking.  Even though the festivals and weekly events are over, there is never a lack … Read More

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Bike in Movies | Local Review

The Bike in Movies are back!  Last week was the first showing and a good number of people showed up to enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This summer the films … Read More

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Train to Locomotive Mountain Bike Transfers are SICK! | Another Sweet Edit w/ Danny Macaskill

Highly recommend watching this video.  Danny Macaskill is one talented biker.  It is pretty amazing

The HUb

The Hub Bike Shop | Local Review

Aaron Grutzmacher started The Hub bike shop in a trailer being pulled by his old Tacoma. This summer, The Hub opened its second location.  This new in-town location is 1160 … Read More

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New Jumps and an Epic Crash

Last week’s rain made for some great riding on the pass, but now the trails are dry and loose as ever.  Still, some amazing riding to

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Surfing the Snake River, Wyoming

The river levels are dropping, but it did not stop surfers from putting on a clinic at Lunch Counter .  Brian Iguchi and Dusty Rasnick displayed

What The Hell to do in Jackson this Weekend?

It is kind of sad.  People are just getting into the swing of summer.   Everyone is feeling on top of their summer activities, the snow is off all the … Read More

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World Heli Challenge Highlights

  Today is the final day of judging for the World Heli Challenge.  Above are some highlights of the extreme day with a sweet Kiwi voiceover.  Just click on photo … Read More

Energy Blasts

PowerBar Energy Blasts | Product Review

PowerBar has come a long way since their original bar.  The taste was good, but for those of us who enjoy the winter activities,  we were always at risk of … Read More

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Jackson Lake | Local Review

The hardest part for me moving to Jackson was the lack of water in the summer.  It is very hard to get on your bike and cruise to a proper … Read More

flip video

Flip Video MinoHD Video Camera | Gear Review

One look at this flip video and you may think is would be a good present for your 5 year old cousin to mess around with.  Yes, that would be … Read More

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World Heli Challenge Footage

Here are some shots from Fraser McDougall while at this year’s World Heli Challange in Wanaka NZ.  There is not too