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John is a life long Squaw skier and published research scientist.

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Skiing in Bakuriani, Georgia? I Could Have Sworn This Was Jackson Hole…

This video was posted to a Georgian tourism website (as in Georgia of the Southern Caucuses between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea former Soviet Union Georgia). But I … Read More

eagle tangle1

Himalayan Griffin Gets Tangled in Parachute Then Released After Crash Landing Over Bir, India

A Russian paragliding pilot, named Vladimir Paravoffka, is cruising the skies above Bir, India on October 17th when a pair of Himalayan Griffins fly directly into his rigging. One of … Read More

Successful Delta II Rocket Launch from Vandenburg AFB

The New Powder Predictor is Here! | NASA Weather Satellite Scheduled to Launch Friday

NASA’s NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) satellite, will blast off from Vendenberg Air Force Base, Friday, Oct 28. 2011. Naturally, the only reason anyone would put a sophisticated instrument like this … Read More


GoPro is Releasing Their New Camera | The HD HERO2 | Here is the Promotional Vid | Don’t Worry, It’s Not All POV

Here is the promotional video released today by GoPro for the new HD HERO2.  Don’t worry, it’s not all POV. Actually, I’de say the shots on this reel look pretty sharp. … Read More


Snow Discovered on Saturn’s Moon | Team Seeks Energy Drink Sponsor For Proposed Skiing Expedition

According to astronomers in the EUROPLANET RI (Europlanet Research Infrastructure) project, which received EUR 6 million of funding under the “Research infrastructures” theme of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) … Read More

chairlift rollback

Ever Seen a Chairlift Fail? Watch This! Destructive Testing of an Old Chairlift at Winter Park, CO.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the safety measures on a chairlift failed and it began spinning backwards? This was a planned destructive test for an old … Read More

Ampitheater & Back of Hotel, Homewood (image:

JMA (Homewood) & KSL (Squaw Valley) Share a Vision of Development | Nope, Not Talking About Alpine Meadows Here… Yet

JMA and KSL have big time development plans lined up for Homewood and Squaw. Will adding more beds bolster business during the slow season or during the whole season?

lost people of mountain village

“The Lost People of Mountain Village” | The Tragic Tale of a Vanishing Civilization (Seriously, watch this. It’s Hilarious!.. mostly)

In the footsteps of the boom and bust mining towns of the 19th century, so to follow the lost people of Mountain Village. This short documentary film we hope will … Read More

all I Can

“All. I. Can.” Screening Tonight at Fifty Fifty! | Support High Fives and Come See This Epic Ski Film!

All. I. Can. by Sherpas Cinema is playing tonight, October 13th, followed by music from Drop Theory and beer on tap at the Fifty Fifty Brewing Company in Truckee, CA. … Read More

snow making gun under tram face

Squawpine, hmm… Do You Think Squaw and Alpine Might Open on the Same Day This Season? or Maybe Even Close on the Same Day?

My money’s on Squaw to open before Alpine this winter. Squaw’s got more snow making capacity…  But the real question I’m interested in asking is what’s going to happen to … Read More

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ATTACK of La Niña | MSP’s New Film Playing Tonight! Oct. 7th in Squaw!

MSP’s new film Attack of La Nina is showing tonight at the Resort at Squaw Creek! Doors open at 6:00 & 8:30 pm  Screenings at 7:00 & 9:30 pm Tickets … Read More

simple pass diagram. (actually US Gov afgan plan)

Where Will YOUR 2011-12 Ski Pass Work?… Squaw? Alpine? Homewood? Kirkwood? | This Simple Diagram Should Help

We noticed a number of questions from recent posts asking what the heck the Squawlpine merger will mean for passes purchased before September 27th. So, we thought we would try … Read More

willy wonka and the chocolate factory. golden ticket

The Gold Tahoe Card | You Get 4 Lift Tickets, 2 Nights at the Grand Sierra & Lots More! | Just $70 | no chocolate.. : /

Don’t wanna drop $10,000 on the Gold Pass this year? Try the Tahoe Gold Card. This actually sounds like one hell of a deal! If you purchase the 2011/2012 Gold … Read More

on top of the hood

On Top of The Hood | Full Length Version FREE Online Today! | Nimbus Independent | Sammy Carlson & Crew

On Top of THE HOOD by Nimbus Independent | Tom Yaps | Sammy Carlson and friends. Full Length Version FREE Online!

Apocalypse Snow2

Mono Skiing! | Mono Skiing on FIRE!! | Skydiving from Hang gliders!!! | HOBIE CATS ON SNOW!!!! | HOLY SH!T!! | Apocalypse Snow 1983

Tandem Monoskiing! | Monoskiers jumping out of hot air ballons! | Monoskiers playing footbal! | Pole Planting! | Pond skimming on Monoski! | Vikings rafting on snow! | Snowboarders wearing … Read More

IF3 Film Festival screenshot

The Biggest Freeski Film Festival in The World Opens Today | IF3 | Montreal

The IF3 International Freeski Film Festival kicks off today in Montreal. Billed as the “Cannes Film Festival” of Skiing, IF3 is the largest gathering of independent producers and directors in freeskiing. The … Read More

Tough Mudder image, fire walk

So, How’d Your Tough Mudder Training Go While you were at Burning Man?… Slacker!

Tough Mudder is just ONE DAY AWAY! The event is advertised as a cross between Ironman and Burning Man but I think you’re supposed to go into it ready for … Read More

Sammy Carlson, On Top of The Hood, hip

ON TOP OF THE HOOD Drops in 1 Week for FREE Online! | New Teaser

On Top of The Hood drops September 19th (for FREE online!) pretty cool! As an official selection for the IF3 International Freeski Film Festival, taking place this week in Montreal, Nimbus … Read More

Swatch Skiers Cup 2011, Kaj Zackrisson, Team Europe

HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO | SWATCH SKIERS CUP | Results and Photos | Valle Nevado Chile

Europe clinched the first ever Swatch Skiers Cup yesterday with a final point tally of 14-10 after riders from both teams stepped up their game to put on a huge … Read More

Revi featured image

Revelstoke to ENHANCE Base Area | And A Sick B.C. Pillow Dropping Vid

I know right!? Revi is Sick! Revelstoke Mountain Resort in Eastern BC announced a number of changes to the lower mountain for the 2011-12 season. You can read about the changes … Read More

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La Niña Forecast Update | NOAA Climate Prediction Center | Sept. 8, 2011

Synopsis: “La Niña conditions have returned and are expected to gradually strengthen and continue into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2011-12.”

experts only

Kirkwood Mountain Resort Invests $6+ Million in Upgrades for 2011-2012

In addition to the newly available Kirkwood/Alpine Plus+ pass which offers access to Kirkwood, Alpine Meadows, and Homewood ski resorts, Kirkwood Mountain Resort is spending over $6 million on upgrades. … Read More

Swatch Skiers Cup Kaj and Abma

Team Americas Trails Team Europe after Day 1 | Swatch Skiers’ Cup, Chile

Chile’s Chopo Diaz set the stage with a large air at the top of the venue beating out his competitor Seb Michaud to earn the first point of the competition … Read More

swatch Skiers' Cup

Americas VS Europe | The Swatch Skiers’ Cup Begins Today in Chile!

Mark Abma’s Team Americas and Kaj Zackrisson’s Team Europe begin one full week of head to head competition today in the first of its kind Swatch Skier’s Cup! With a … Read More

The Art of Flight Trailer-Making of

Making of The Art of Flight | Creating the Best Snowboarding Movie of All Time is Easy, Right?

First of all, if you haven’t seen the official trailer for this video, watch it! (The Art of Flight Trailer) But once you’ve seen it, realize that ski and snowboard … Read More

Polar Bear takes a dump on snow

Skiing on Brown Snow Just Might be a Green Thing to Do | Making Snow with Wastewater

Snowbowl Ski Resort in Flagstaff, AZ wants to use reclaimed wastewater to pump up their snow making capacity. That’s right, man made poo snow. Is this an inovative green concept … Read More