Fisher Towers

The Fisher Towers are a really rad place to visit. They are located about 30 minutes drive the Colorado river from Moab, UT and are truly unique pieces of rock. Most visitors just hike around, some climb the classic desert towers there like Ancient Art (See Citi Commercial), Andy Lewis and his friends like to take a few notches higher than that. They like to setup insane Highlines like the one seen below and walk them. I saw this Highline in person at the Fisher’s a couple weeks ago and it was incredibly impressive.

Andy Lewis

Salt Lake based photographer Brent Benson captured the above images and shared them with me about two weeks back.  That little tiny dot in the midldle of the bright blue sky is the one and only Andy Lewis. You can check out Brent’s blog about Andy’s latest feats here. Brent states that the line is 285 feet long and 900 feet off the ground. That sounds about right to me. Andy has other photos on his FB page showing that he did indeed wear a safety line to walk this monster. 

Andy and his crew recently took a one month trip to Thailand to do crazy things on tropical islands. I can’t wait to see some footy from that trip!

Here is the Slacklife video that these fellas put together a few years ago. It shows the amount of practice it takes to make it happen on a slackline/highling.

YouTube Preview Image



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  1. John W says:

    One crazy dude.

  2. Kyler says:

    Sketchy Andy doesn’t cease to amaze…

  3. huhh??? says:

    drop the tether. be all that you can be


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