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The High Rustler (High Boy) Party has been a staple closing event at Alta for a long long time. A newer tradition started by The Deep Powder House’s Mike Trioli is the Frank World Classic. The Frank embodies all the goodness that is skiing. Good times, good friends, funny skiing and a fist full of unique prizes make this event one not to miss. Unfortunately, I did miss the show due to be all partied out from the Snowbird Comp earlier that weekend. Thanks to Nate Fillnow we can all experience a little bit of Frank today!

Until next year…Frank on!

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  1. Broski says:

    Big thanks to all the Frank competitors! Such entertaining and hilarious skiing.

  2. surprised says:

    I didnt know people had fun at Alta, I thought it was just elitest douche skiiers and Bush votes. Turns our that elitest douche skiiers can have fun too. Weird.

  3. crudmaster says:

    Funny…you sound like a douche bag your self…and a flat dick.

  4. chumplstillskins says:

    Altas for Racists

  5. Alta's for Racists says:

    Here is a good comparison of Alta. If a country club chose to not allow people to play croquet on their golf course. Golf and croquet are both awesome sports. But one just isn’t as perfectly fit for the course.

  6. crudmaster says:

    Whine all you want…just stay the fuck away from Alta…flat dicks.

    • Squaw-titude says:

      ask your mom,she says my dicks just the right size of gigantic from skiing the radness at squaw…and pole whacking.


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