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The Westbeach Chinese Downhill is one of the most competitive underground events of the year. The event is announced last minute, with invites sent via text message to riders who are free to pass the message on to “those who are worthy”.

Riders meet at the top of million dollar ridge at the crack of one for an all out, every man for himself head to head to head race down the longest run in North America. The race doesn’t end at the bottom of the run. Once down, riders must sprint to the bottom of an underground parkade and chug a beer.

To the victor goes the spoils, who takes home $500 cash, a Texas mickey and the title of “The king of Creekside”. This year, Marcus Culver was crowned king while many other riders nursed bruised egos and sore legs. Thank you Westbeach for keeping it real.

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  1. Rail Tycoon says:

    yeah, underground as in parking structure. that was rad.

  2. Jake Cohn says:

    Unofficial Whistler is going to do one of these for skiers next year!
    get stoked

  3. jrock says:

    do you see any other long time running classic ski or snowboard chinese downhills in this town?

  4. Drag Knucks says:

    Who cares? Can’t we all just enjoy a lil springtime fun and stop trying to vibe anyone. Very few things these days are truly original or unique anyways.


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