Big snow in Lebanon. Obermeyer FB page

Lebanon just got 40 feet of snow in 5 days.  That officially qualifies as a lot of snow.

Lebanon comes from the semitic word ‘lbn’ that means white and is thought to reference Mount Lebanon’s snows.  So, Lebanon basically means “snow.”  I’d live in a country named snow…

“Upon his arrival to Lebanon around 47 BC, JuliusCaesar proclaimed “Lub” “Na’an”, meaning “White-Land” in Semitic.” – wikipedia

“The storm caused heavy snow in a number of mountainous regions, with snow falling at altitudes as low as 600 meters and temperatures plunging to as low as five degree centigrade along the coast.

Several people were snowed in their buildings and cars, especially along the Zahleh-Dhour al-Choueir-Tarshish road.

The 100-kilometer winds that accompanied the storm also uprooted trees in several areas and damaged crops throughout the country, reported al-Mustaqbal daily on Sunday.

The heavy snow also forced the ski resorts of Farayya to close because of the inaccessibility of roads leading to these areas.” –

driving thru snowdrifts in Lebanon. Obermeyer FB page

Yep, it snows in Lebanon.  10,000+ peaks just off the Mediterranean Sea with a Mediterranean climate (cool, rainy/snowy winters and dry summers) similar to California.  This combination traps big snow in Lebanon’s big mountains.

Lebanon is a magical place.  Think surf and ski and party all night on the same day.  

Lebanon flag


-Between latitudes 33 N and 35 N (think San Diego, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA)

- 6 ski resorts

- The white band in their flag symbolizes the eternal snows that exist on their high mountains

- The name Lebanon essentially means “snow” (see opening paragraph)

Lebanon from space with snowy mountains we are talking about in the Northwest

Time for a ski trip to Lebanon.

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  1. time for says:

    peace in the middle east. It is not safe there

  2. Kevin Moynihan says:

    Vail will probably stay the fuck out of Lebanon, wonder if they’re looking for ski patrol…

  3. Jon K says:

    Mt. Hermon in Israel has almost 3 meters (9 feet) of snow AND is safe to ski at

    • Anonymous says:

      which was supposed to belong to the Lebanon until they pretty much took it from us.. AND im guessing your some close minded douche bag from some hick town USA who doesnt even know whats going on outside your borders.. educate urself asshole lebanon is a peaceful and beautiful country,

      • Jon K says:

        Instead of turning this into a flame war, let me share a few FACTS with you:

        1. I’m from Israel.
        2. Lebanon may well be a beautiful country, and it’s people may well be peaceful, but the government allows Hezbollah to run free in the southern part of the country and fire rockets into civilian towns and cities in Israel.
        3. Mt. Hermon (Jabal al-Sheikh) was conquered by Israel in the Six Day War in 1967 after Syria had supported the pre-war raids that had helped raise tensions and had routinely shelled Israel from the Golan Heights (the area of Mt. Hermon). You want to cry about losing in that war? Go right ahead. It was a war. We won. Get over it. As long as the Lebanese government allows lawlessness on it’s southern border, and keeps supporting terrorist organizations that attack Israeli civilians, there is no reason for us to give back Mt. Hermon, an extremely important tactical strongpoint.

        May me shred the gnar together in peace some day.

        • john says:

          get the fuck out of our land and then we will take the weapons from hezbollah,
          our army cannot fight you ( Israel devils) but hezbollah can hold u in ur places and if u want to start a new war, u have to think 10000000 times more than before, now ur land will be destroyed as much as u did in lebanon for over 20 years. fuck israel to death
          am christian am lebanese am john

          • Jon K says:

            People with your state of mind (on both sides) are the reason we are in this mess.

            STOP HATING

          • G says:

            John wtf dude why do we hav to alwys talk politics.. Im lebanese and i lov everyone even israelis. And Jon K is so right.. Anw lets hope that we will able to ski this year as much as last season! Cnt wait! Peace

          • Sam says:


            I am Lebanese and from the town of Brummana.
            If you are Christian, I encourage you to read Joshua 1 in the OT.
            The Promised Land extends from Sinai south to the Mountains of Lebanon North; From the Euphrates east to the Mediterranean west. Lebanon has been promised to the Israelites by our God. His Sovereignty is evident and will be fulfilled in due time. So stop focusing on earthly things and start focusing on the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May He bless you with the wisdom and knowledge you so badly need.

            Your fellow Lebanese.

        • Anonymous says:

          i just want to say who cares about who shot who and who blew up what and who won what war . i wish that we all can stop this bickering and stop killing innocent people ,why dont we all just listen to each other and learn from each other .i am a christian and i had an opportunity to travel around lebanon for 2 months and i have to say, the freedom and hospitality i felt from all the lebanese people regarless of there religion .but i have to say that i would love to go to israel and tour all historicall places but i would love to meet the lovely jewish people and maybe show me some nice places and show me my religous history and also me being interested in reading about the jewish holocaust . i have also visited the sydney jewish museum .i would like to be showen the jewish museums and historical jewish sites throughout Israel .peace can be achieved ,but only through the people ,i hope to visit Israel in the not to far future and enjoy meeting the people and visiting the country .

  4. derp says:

    Where the heck did you get 40 feet? There’s no mention of it anywhere.

    • Johnny Green Genes says:

      8′/day for 5 days. Someone do their metric conversions wrong? This just sounds wrong, if not impossible.

    • C. Martindale says:

      Most likely occured from drifting.

      If you look in the photo it appears the tops of hills have thin cover. So snow may have been blown intu bowls and other sheltered areas thus creating deep snow drifts. And this is most likely where the figure came from.

      40 ft is allot, but it will be much much thinner elsewhere if this is the case, possibly even just inches.

      Wish the snow would fall like this in Scotland this year! :-(

  5. Anonymous says:

    Plenty safe in Lebanon, obviously never been there…

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah the person who made that comment obviously suffers from a little bit of ignorance or is just trying to stir the pot. I skied at Faraya for one day while in Lebanon last year. It was storming so vis wasn’t great but there seemed to be touring potential. Simple put Beirut is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Amazing food, great nightlife, friendly people, and a little SF like by being set on a number of hills overlooking the Mediterranean. Lebanon is a condensed version of California, within an hour drive from Beirut you can be skiing, seeing amazing Roman ruins or visiting one of the many wineries in the Bekaa Valley

  6. Wade F. says:

    where are you finding reports of 40 feet?

  7. fred says:

    shhhh….don’t tell ksl.

  8. braaaap says:

    yeah where was this from??

  9. Rail Tycoon says:

    I like the flag ….. red white and a tree.
    Smart people those Lebanese.

  10. mikhail says:

    just 4 hours of flight from Moscow, Russia. But damned aeroflot airline has cancelled direct flight from Moscow to Beirut. Lebanon, love it. I haven’t been there for 7 years. Missing this place…

  11. Dr Longwood says:

    Do they have nice boobs?

  12. Mike H says:

    Isn’t April fools day still a month out? Sounds like unicorns to me

  13. Dperr says:
    says 12 meters in 5 days. that’s about 40 feet

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is complete and utter bullshit. 40 feet possibly for the snowpack but seven feet a day for five days? nahhhh, good job jokin all these ignorant people who don’t know shit about meteorology…..

    • C. Martindale says:

      Heard of snow drifting?

      Whilst there will be deep sections of up to 40ft in sheltered areas there will be shallow areas of possibly just a few inches where exposed. Look at the photo, the snow is clearly not evenly distributed.

  15. Anonymous, with half an ounce of sense and a science degree says:

    This is complete and utter bullshit. 40 feet possibly for the snowpack but seven feet a day for five days? nahhhh, good job jokin all these ignorant people who don’t know shit about meteorology…..

  16. Jason says:

    40′ or not. That tower is buried.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like how breck measures, the go to the area in the bowl that has the biggest drift:)

  18. guns says:

    to Anonymous, That shit is so true.Same for wolf creek! they said they had a 90 inch base in the mid we went down there there was maybe 4 feet at top! fucking liars!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Even if it is only 40′ at a drift spot that is still pretty impressive!

  20. Anonymous, with a whole ounce of sence and no science degree says:

    It seems like that much snow had to have happened fast or the lift wouldnt be buried. Who would let their lift get buried like that over a period of months? If it snowed like that in a week they wouldn’t have had much choice.

    • Cammy says:

      If the ski area was stormbound for days at a time then staff can’t safely access the area and so are powerless to prevent things like this.

      2 years ago here in Scotland, which isnt famed for its quantity of snow, one of our ski areas funicular railway (which is on pylons high enough for a piste basher to pass under at points) was completety buried following a week of constant snow fall where access roads quickly filled in behind plows. Reported drifts in the region of 20ft plus in places. It rarely happens, but it can happen.

  21. Jordanian says:

    Well we got like 3 inches in Amman that day and we were happy LOL.

    ALTHOUGHHH, it was a good 10-12 inches in March this year :D Dam I love snow :’(

  22. Salim says:

    Hello Miles,
    I am from Lebanon, and I would say great job with your post. Those times were amazing and crazy we remained skiing for months, hope it will be the same this year.


  23. Bob says:

    Wow. If the Middle East ever stabilizes peacefully, Lebanon could make a fortune at ski tourism as Europe’s ski centres are drying up !

  24. Johnas says:

    Lived in totally 4 countries Greece,Cyprus,Turkey,Jordan.

    I can guarantee all 4 class Lebanon as a dangerous Zone to live in or even visit!
    So some locals shouldn’t be offended by true facts.
    If your “hot headed” argue with words and not with guns…Middle eastern morrons!!!


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