Xavier De Le Rue Faces Blowback After Posting Controversial Bull Run In Southwest France

Xavier De Le Rue Faces Blowback After Posting Controversial Bull Run In Southwest France


Xavier De Le Rue Faces Blowback After Posting Controversial Bull Run In Southwest France

There is often blowback when tradition meets modernity (especially in the social media arena) and world class big mountain snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue is getting a full dose after posting video of bull run in his native France to his social media.  I’ll let Xavier do the explaining:

“I understand that this edit has caused a lot of upset, so I would like to tell you why I posted this video and ask for your feedback. I am more than open to change.

This is a tradition from Bayonne, the bulls live a nurtured life where they are greatly respected they have 20minutes in the enormous ring, where the goal is to touch them with your hand. Where by the bulls goal is to batter as many humans as possible – which they do very successfully and which is the point. The bull gets to kick everyone’s ass.

Don’t get me wrong I understand that it is stressed for that 20mins but I believe that it is not overwhelmingly so.

I apologise if I have shocked you, I appreciate your opinions and am happy to listen to what you have to say. I have said my part and I understand I can be very biased because of my heritage so let me know what you think and why you think it? 
To note – and I am not just saying this, I take an interest in what I eat, I have watched cowspiracy like many of you and was shocked about the impact of eating meat. I do not eat battery farmed anything as I believe these animals truly live an appalling life and I am trying to live conscientiously. I do think getting a horn in the ass is great retribution for them though – happy to be wrong. 
Original comment:
Only humans where harmed in the making of this film than bulls.
The fetes de Bayonne with a crew of lunatics – proud to be born in a place where they still allow you to be and celebrate you being stupid!”

To give some perspective of the history of the tradition, This is from Bayonne’s official tourism page about the bull run:

“Bullfighting exists in some parts of southern France as well as Spain. Bayonne is the oldest bullfighting town in France and is proud of this tradition that includes the world’s oldest written reference to Running of the Bulls dating from 1289  – part of law  concerning the driving of animals through the streets to the slaughter house. 

The first Spanish-style bull run dates back to 1701 and took place in an arena on the Place de la Liberté in honour of King Philippe V of Spain. The modern day version of the bullfight which so fascinated Hemingway emerged in France, again in Bayonne in the St Esprit area. The neo moorish style arena was inaugurated in 1893 and with a capacity of 10,400 is the largest in South West France. Every season the world’s top matadors fight prize bulls on the sandy floor of this legendary arena.”


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