'Man Made' Wildfire Prompts Officials To Evacuate Utah Ski Area

'Man Made' Wildfire Prompts Officials To Evacuate Utah Ski Area


'Man Made' Wildfire Prompts Officials To Evacuate Utah Ski Area

A wildfire in southwestern Utah has already claimed one home and is nearing the 1,000 acre mark, which is forcing local authorities to evacuate approximately 750 residents and tourists visiting Brain Head Ski Resort reports The Spectrum.

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So far officials are calling the fire “man-made” but have failed to elaborate on what they suspect caused the fire due to their pending investigation. Pines killed by Bark Beetles were located near the origin of the wildfire, which locals believe caused the fire to spread more rapidly than it would otherwise.

Dixie National Forest spokesperson, Bode Mecham went so far as to tell the Salt Lake Tribune, “pretty much this whole town is threatened,” adding later that 100 homes are currently in danger of going up in flames.

Residents and tourists were quick to leave their belongings behind in the wake of the fire as the threat of potentially record-breaking high temperatures later this week became more and more obvious. The fire mitigation efforts are currently being limited to airborne techniques due to the size of the wildfire and its towering flames. As of Sunday, ground based fire fighting efforts were untenable.

Find the entire The Spectrum article here: Brian Head fire grows to 957 acres, 1 home lost


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