WATCH: Red Bull Rampage 2016 Full Recap

red bull rampage 2016

WATCH: Red Bull Rampage 2016 Full Recap


WATCH: Red Bull Rampage 2016 Full Recap

There was some question as to whether the removal of wooden features at this years Red Bull Rampage in favor of natural terrain would inhibit progression and even be a step backward. The riders proved that theory incorrect big time:

“Another epic year of Red Bull Rampage is on the books. People questioned if progression was possible while returning to dirt jumps and removing wooden features. The performance all the riders put forth this year answered that question, with Antoine Bizet landing a double backflip – a Rampage first, Graham Agassiz hitting one of the steepest drops we’ve ever seen, and Brandon Semenuk stomping a run that’s among the best in the history of the event.”

…shout out to Graham “Aggy” Agassiz. He bit it HARD attempting a 360 stepdown but I think if it was clean he would have walked away the winner. Sorry for the poor quality video:


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