Who Will Get Snow This Winter If There Is A Strong El Nino?

Who Will Get Snow This Winter If There Is A Strong El Nino?


Who Will Get Snow This Winter If There Is A Strong El Nino?


As a report of the strongest El Niño in 50 years cycles through ski media like Lance Armstrong during the PED days, people are already guessing the winners and losers if the reported meteorological trend actually comes through.

Here at Unofficial, we love predicting winners and losers pre ski season. Turns out getting everybody riled up for their home resorts is just part of the fun. And so it begins, here are the projected winners and losers according to NOAA and Accuweather (that is if that rapscallion El Niño actually shows up).


Graphic Courtesy of Accuweather.com


The Southwest: Currently the Southwest is the heavy favorite moving into the winter. According to NOAA, the majority of the Southwest regions has a 30-40% chance of above average precipitation this winter. And that’s great news for drought stricken California.

Northern California: Northern California, including the Mt. Shasta region, is really flying under the radar. So far, NOAA is predicting a 30% wetter than average year, which bodes very well for the central valley of California as well. Look for Shasta to possibly receive historic snowfalls.

Colorado: Recently, Brah-la-rado experienced one of its wettest springs on record and if the trend continues throughout the winter, expect a more seasonable winter season than this past year with significant accumulations falling during the early season all the way through February.


The Pacific Northwest: As of now, NOAA is predicting a 30-40% dryer than normal season for the PNW. This comes as horrible news after this past season saw snowfalls fall significantly short of annual averages.

Idaho/Montana: Falling in line with the Pacific Northwest, the northern Rocky Mountain States are all projected to have weak winters on deck with Montana projected to have 40% less than their average snowfall.

The Midwest: Sorry TJ but it looks like Mt. Brighton is in for a particularly bad year with 30-40% less than the average snowfall being projected.

El Nino Prediction

Graphic Courtesy of NOAA


Wyoming: Meteorologists are unsure as to how northwest Wyoming will shake out this winter. El Niño is known to have varying effects in the region depending on how far the Jet Stream extends from south to north.

Utah: Utah is the real wildcard here, as El Niño can be great or devastating. However, Accuweather is currently predicting that southern Utah will have a better than normal season. So get out the touring setup; it’s time to explore what Moab has to offer in the wintertime.

The Northeast: As of now, the northeast has an equal chance for average snowfall according to NOAA. We’ll just have to wait and see if a polar vortex hits New England and provides plentiful powder along the East Coast or if the reputation as the Ice Coast returns.


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