The Top 10 Longest Vertical Drops at Ski Resorts in North America.



Classic Post: The 10 Longest Vertical Drops in North America


#1 REVELSTOKE – British Colombia, Canada

Mount MacKenzie, Revelstoke Ski Resort.  photo:

- 5,620 Vertical Feet (most continuous lift served vertical in The New World)

- Video of insane pillow skiing at Revelstoke


#2 BLACKCOMB – British Colombia, Canada

Blackcomb Ski Resort…yep, it’s huge.

- 5,133 Vertical Feet (resort claims 5,280 so they can say “a vertical mile”)

- Whistler (literally attached now) is at 4,978 Vertical Feet

- Video of the miniature world of Blackcomb


#3 TELLURIDE – Colorado, USA

Telluride, Colorado

- 4,425 Vertical Feet 

- Video from “Blizzard of Ahhs” at Telluride


#4 SNOWMASS – Colorado, USA

Snowmass, Colorado

- 4,406 Vertical Feet (includes hiking or infrequently running rope tow, 3,723 w/o hiking/tow)

- Aspen Highlands (right next door) has 3,635 vertical feet

- Video of Freeskier peeps going nuts at Snowmass

#5 BIG SKY – Montana, USA

Big Sky, Montana

- 4,350 Vertical Feet (3,650 vertical feet is skiable in one long run from top of Lone Peak Tram) 

- Video of high level snowboarding at Big Sky by Erik Morrison


#6 JACKSON HOLE – Wyoming, USA

Cody Peak at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

- 4,139 Vertical Feet (most continuous lift served skiing in USA)

- Video of the Squaw Boys skiing at Jackson Hole


#7 KICKING HORSE – British Colombia, Canada

Kicking Horse, British Colombia.  photo:

- 4,131 Vertical Feet

- Video of big mountain skiing at Kicking Horse


#8 BEAVER CREEK – Colorado, USA

Beaver Creek, Colorado

- 4,040 Vertical Feet

- Video of cheesy skiing & riding & some faceshots at Beaver Creek


#9 PANORAMA – British Colombia, Canada

Panorama Ski Resort, British Colombia

- 3,820 Vertical Feet

- Video, marketing style, of  Panorama’s panorama



Timberline on Mount Hood, Oregon

- 3,620 Vertical Feet (with a small amount of hiking, you can get 7,250’ of vertical)

- Longest vertical drop in North America….November – September

- Video of the Timberline Lodge in….”The Shining”…you know that it was filmed there, right?  


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