Classic Post: Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off Cliff/Insane Rope Swing And Promptly Gets Dumped


Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off Cliff – Insane Rope Swing

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  • Tikiglow

    Wrong….New Zealand’s South Island has the biggest swing on Earth, this is for children to play on.

  • chad

    few things: 1 she is a girl, 2 she said repeatedly she didn’t want to do it, 3 this sort of thing should be solely her choice. Who is anybody else to decide that she secretly did want to do it, or that it would be good for her? Being pushed means she won’t get any of the positive feedback jumping herself and will likely relate this sort of activity with negative emotions that will make it more difficult in the future. So what if she suited up and paid for it and everything, she said repeatedly she did not want to do it and the people operating it plus her boyfriend continued to push her until they did so literally. If her former beau can’t except a girl who’s scared of heights then he should find a different girl.

  • bunkly

    set up and staged just like all of that clown’s videos. plenty of fluff and crap music, no substance. just a tool with a glidecam who disgraces the name supertramp.

  • Not impressed

    No one gets the right to take someone else’s life in their hands without permission. His empty laugh was crap. Find a better way to get that girl off a cliff. Yeah, prompting is definitely different than pushing. She was ready to do it. Yet not to be FORCED> that’s just crap ass MALE EGO imposing will.
    Beyond that, IT”S A FAKE VIDEO. It appears not even real – still – Don’t be a jerk. You’re not going to get laid from that.

  • MtHoodwinked

    That rope swing = awesome. These people… not so much. They seem more concerned about making it look good for facebook than actually having fun.

  • Hippo

    Setup is right. Wasn’t that one of the girls from “shit skiers say?” Not to convincing. But looks like fun!!

  • Young punk

    Fish or cut bait. It’s like dropping into Corbet’s: stare at it too long and it will psyche you out. That said, now that blondie broke her in, I bet she’ll be an awesome girlfriend for beardo. Her next vid is night naked highline BASE.

  • Walter Kronkite

    She deserved it! Dont suit up and stand at the edge just to waste everybodies time. You could tell she wanted to jump… Sometimes we all just need a lil push. However, i really think this whole thing was a setup…

    • SeaQueue

      This is an entertaining post, but I would have to disagree….the “Girls Cliff Jumping in Bermuda” is better

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