Ski Utah Announces ONE Wasatch = Connecting 7 Utah Ski Resorts With Lifts & Ski Runs | Thoughts?


Ski Utah announced today the ONE Wasatch concept. The idea is to connect seven of Utah’s ski resorts with ski lifts/ski runs and offer it all to you via a single lift ticket. The seven resorts involve would be Alta, Brighton, Canyons, Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR), Snowbird and Solitude. Below is the official press release.

Press Release, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 19, 2014:

Ski Utah and representatives from Alta Ski Area, Brighton Resort, Canyons Resort, Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, and Solitude Mountain Resort held a news conference today at Ski Utah’s headquarters to announce their support for an over-the-snow connection between all seven resorts via chairlift and ski run called ONE Wasatch.

Utah’s central Wasatch Mountains are home to seven world class mountain resorts in close proximity to one another. Connecting these resorts over-the-snow via chairlift and ski run would provide a skiing and riding experience unrivaled anywhere in North America. The coupling of these seven distinct resort personalities would allow access to over 18,000 skiable acres, 100 lifts and more than 750 runs and all on one lift ticket.

“Connecting seven of Utah’s finest ski resorts while preserving both our water quality and a pristine backcountry experience is not an impossible task,” said Nathan Rafferty, president and CEO of Ski Utah. “With thoughtful planning and sincere cooperation, ONE Wasatch would add significantly to what is already one of the greatest ski destinations in the world.”

ONE Wasatch is a concept, not a plan. At this time, resort partners have no specific execution timelines or chairlift alignments. The goal of ONE Wasatch is to establish a vision for a one-of-a-kind mountain experience by providing information, outlining the process, encouraging dialog and listening to feedback.

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 7.28.07 PM

Because of the proximity of Utah’s ski areas, it is possible to connect seven resorts in just a few steps:

1. Connect Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons;
2. Connect Big Cottonwood to Park City;
3. Connect PCMR and Canyons Resorts; and
4. Drop the rope between Deer Valley and PCMR.

ONE Wasatch will offer the largest lift-served ski experience in North America – over 18,000 acres, 100 lifts and more than 750 runs…all on one pass. And all on “The Greatest Snow on Earth.”



  • Brett

    I’ve followed this thread closely and have previously posted on it. The negatives all have a similar point of view…lack of backcountry…Gees I have skied the area..I am an International ski instructor..Skied all over the planet. Americans should…rpt…should adopt a philosophy of integration. Smarter, more affordable, Wiser. The true backcountry will always be available, rather than hiking 500 mts and dropping a line…That’s been going on for years at every resort. True backcountry is taking a tent and getting well away and hiking.. This could be a game changer and truly bring the Utah Rockies in to a world class environment. Those that don’t agree are small minded and sellfish

  • Truckee Cindy

    This isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact it is done in Europe right now. You can ski a Sella Ronda through Val Gardena .. passing thru a few Countries in a single day – by following an orange or green route. If you make a mistake there – you are in the wrong country .. yet the concept is loved and appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    This is an awesome idea. Deer valley would not need to allow snowboards because they are at one end of the connect, and alta would only need to allow snowboards on the already planned and surveyed grizzly gulch lift to get to solitude, then have a bus from the bottom of grizzly to snowbird for one plankers. Anyone who complains about losing “backcountry” probably has no real idea how little skiable or rideable terrain there is in grizzly, and probably was the one who boot packed in the skin track and ruined it for people headed to wolvy or silver fork.

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