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When it comes to compression clothing and high tech underwear I was a non-believer until trying the new Opedix KNEE-Tec 3/4 Tights. I have been using these little gems for a couple of weeks now and I can tell you that they are 100% my favorite new piece of sports equipment for on the hill and off. I have not skied a single day without the Opedix KNEE-Tec since the first day wearing them and likely never will again. I don’t understand all the technology behind them, but I can assure you that they really do their job of reducing stress and strain on the knees. See technology here.

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I would also like to let all our readers know that these compression tights have tons more uses than just skiing and snowboarding. I have used them in the gym during leg workouts to reduce knee strain with great results. The Opedix KNEE-Tec also works really well for Yoga and Rock Climbing. (Remember to wear shorts over them if you don’t want to get made fun of my your buddies.) I once used them for all four activities in one day and felt like a million bucks after. As far as sizing goes I fit between Medium and Large size and feel that the Medium give drastically more support, so go for the smallest size you can possible fit into.

The price tag seemed a little stiff to me at first, but after experiencing what the KEE-Tec can make your whole lower body feel I think they are worth the dough if you have it kicking around.

Take it from a guy who has been out there 120+ days for the last 12+season and has the beat up knees to prove it; these tech tights really do help keep pain and fatigue at bay so well you will not want to get your active on without them again.

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