Land of No Use, Montana Wilderness Ski Project


(Ripping skiing starts at 1:20)

The Land of No Uses Project highlights the amazing skiing and debate between users and conservationists in the thousands of acres of protected Wilderness Area in beautiful Montana. Championed by Bridger Brigade member Henry Worobec this project is gaining steam and currently has a Kickstarter Page setup to gather funding to finish off the film.  Take a look and support these guys if you are feeling it.

Land of No Use is a two year documentary project using winter recreation to explore the value of Montana’s public lands.  The title comes from an old bumper sticker and slogan for opponents of wilderness designations (i.e. motorized recreation enthusiasts and timber corporations) that reads, “Wilderness = Land of No Use.”  The narrative of the land management debate will shadow that of a group of young athletes exploring terrain where humans are mere visitors, in a state named for its mountains.