East Vail Avalanche Fatality | Tony Seibert Tribute Edit

I have absolutely no new information on what happened at East Vail yesterday, other than that the person killed was Vail local Tony Seibert. I am deeply saddened to hear that our tribe has lost another of its fantastic members. I have many great memories of shredding around with Tony and his good friend Mark Fillipini during Freeskiing events over the last few seasons.  We were all fortunate to spend time on the hill with you Tony.

It is so terrible to add another soul to the list of fallen brothers:(

Please be careful out there everyone:(



  • chuck

    First guy that showed me how to properly huck Lovers Leap was Tony.
    I hope they’ve got tons of pow in heaven man, you were

  • donny brook

    Terrible news. Sorry to hear for all involved. Its stories like this in which unofficial should turn off comments to prevent arm chair bull shitting.

    • weaksauce

      Well arm chair avalanche talk can be useful so others don’t make the same mistake. East vail (specifically that area) has been home to many avalanches including a few fatal. Regardless, the conversation needs to be constructive and productive.

      No judgment. Only Vibes

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