Classic Warren Miller: Mattress Tobogganing | They don't make ski flicks like this anymore.


Warren Miller Ski Country 1984 – Mattress Tobogganing

They don’t make ski flicks like this anymore. 

Mattress Tobogganing in the early 1980’s courtesy of Warren Miller’s 1984 ski film classic.

  • Justin Alcorn

    No matter where you go now people are just too competive when they ride its all about being X games and shit thanks to the movies, ski flicks need to go back to just being about fun and getting you stoked for winter

  • Collin Wheeler

    Old Warren Miller>Level 1, Poor Boyz, or any other ski flick company out there today.

    Ski movies have become way too cinematographic and serious. They really need to get back to their roots

  • Scrub

    It’s hard to sneak a mattress into gondolas and on chairs these days. The 80’s, those were the days…

    • Bo

      Really?! I used to love waiting for the Warren Miller movie to come out at the start of the season, then as a family we would go and see the premiere. That’s how I knew the snows were a comin. Good times.

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