Farmers Almanac Winter Weather |  2014

2014 Winter Weather Forecast / Prediction | Farmers Almanac


Here is a look at a 2014 winter weather forecast simular to the Old Farmers Almanac from

“The second half of the winter will see the big dip on the NAO. That dip will bring snow to the East & Ohio Valley. The NAO is called the North Atlantic Ocillation and it’s like the traffic cop for Lows and Highs in the East. It can slow or speed up a weather pattern and open the door for Arctic Cold air to areas East of the Mississippi.

Our thinking here at is a west based weak to moderate El Nino to develop in late fall or early winter. This will keep the southern jet active and allow for the areas from California to Texas to the Mid Atlantic to have above average winter precipitation.

Areas with above snowfall would be the Southeast, Mid Atlantic, Deep South and Mountain Southwest including the Rockies in Colorado.
The Northeast will see near normal snowfall and that will extend back into the Ohio Valley. The Upper Midwest will be below normal snowfall due to the mainly southerly storm track this winter.
California will have above average rainfall and snowfall and even a few very big winter storms esp. along the coast. The Pacific Northwest will see near to slightly above average rainfall and snowfall.
I expect to see DC Baltimore & Philly with an average to a little above average snowfall and Chicago below normal.
Here is another winter weather prediction from

2014 Winter Weather Prediction From

What are you expecting from the 2013 – 2014 winter?

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  1. scrotyMcdoogins says:

    Vail resorts published this study

  2. Nope says:

    It was wrong last year, NW got hammered and everybody else was dry, why should we believe this years?

  3. pj says:

    because it is in our favor

  4. stickywicket says:

    A low snow year for us is still about 500 inches, I’m not worried

  5. Raindog says:

    Their graphic doesn’t even match the text of their article. Useless.

  6. PNW says:

    You wish you could have our ‘below normal snowfall’

  7. flatlightdaze says:

    All the snow that falls in the NW is wet and useless. Then it gets rained on, refreezes, and turns to chundery death. I recommend never skiing there. Breckenridge is super fun though! Go there, and bring all your friends. Just don’t go to the PNW.

  8. UTAH says:

    The NW is a horrible place. Wet snow and no visibility. Utah is amazing! Light snow and sun everyday!!

  9. Pecker says:

    Flatlightdaze, Breckenridge? Really? I guess the brewery is good, maybe you live there? Besides Avalanche Ale and the chairlift that turns, Breckenridge is a town without a mountain….you’re rippin on places like Baker/Alpental/Crystal/Stevens?

    flat, light, for daze…..yup, that’s Breck!

  10. Janchris says:

    The PNW will have storms and Mountain snow

  11. Sierra says:

    Tahoe’s where its at. 500″ on a regular year

  12. sara rose says:

    “What are you expecting from the 2013 – 2014 winter?”

    I live in Minnesota. I expect snow.


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