Top 35 US Ski Resorts With The Highest Average Snowfall


Deep powder skiing

It is difficult to nail down official ski resort snowfall averages. Not all ski resorts release official snowfall averages and more than one that due are known to fluff the numbers. In addition, other ski blogs and website have tried to create their own lists only to cherry-pick resorts and report bogus numbers. So, inorder to compile this list we stuck to the snowfall averages reported on OnTheSnow.com.  We know that this is not the most accurate list but it should give you a good idea of ski resorts and regions that receive massive dumps. 


– Mt. Baker, WA = 701”

– Alyeska, AK = 650”

– Kirkwood, CA = 600″

– Timberline Lodge, OR = 550”

– Alta, UT = 500″

– Sugar Bowl, CA = 500″

– Snowbird, UT = 500”

– Solitude, UT = 500”

– Brighton, UT = 500”

– Powder Mountain, UT = 500″

– Grand Targhee, WY = 500”

– Crystal Mountain, WA = 486″

– Sierra-at-Tahoe = 480″

– Wolf Creek, CO = 465″

– Mt. Bachelor, OR = 456″

– Jackson Hole, WY = 450″ 

– Squaw Valley, CA = 450”

– Alpine Meadows, CA = 450”

– Homewood, CA = 450″

– Stevens Pass, WA = 450″

– Mammoth Mountain, CA = 400″

– Big Sky/Moonlight, MT = 400″

– Snowbasin, UT = 400″

– Brian Head, UT = 400″

– Eagle Point, UT = 400″

– Beaver Mountain, UT = 400″

– Loveland, CO = 400″

– Jay Peak, VT = 377″

– Heavenly, CA = 360″

– Park City, UT = 360″

– Canyons, UT = 355″

– Eaglecrest, AK = 350″

– Bridger Bowl, MT = 350″

– Hoodoo Ski Area, OR = 350″

– Arapahoe Basin, CO = 350″


[Numbers Provided by OnTheSnow.com]


  • TommyT

    I’ve been told by a few people that know whats up that for years, Wolf Creek has averaged the most snowfall in the U.S. Does anyone know if that is true or not. I can’t see any California resort averaging as much as is reported. I’ve lived in Cali for 10 years.

  • loomis powderdogs

    Ive skied the bird and alta, and Sugar Bowl … The way the snow STACKS up here at Sugar Bowl makes for far deeper base depths than the bird or alta. You will never see a 30 foot snowbank there, but at Donner summit that can happen in March. AND, sometimes when the snow level is way down at Colfax (2500′) or even Dutch Flat (3600′) then the snow at the summit can be just as light as utah pow, except we get FEET of it, not inches.

    • Lovelandlocal

      We get upslope storms in the spring that don’t cross over the divide to Gay Basin. Its the benefit of being on the east side of the divide. We joke here that Breck would get 500″ per year if 150″ didn’t blow off to Loveland. :)

  • Sick Bro!

    I’m surprised that OnTheSnow.com, which is operated by Mountain News, who is owned by Vail Resorts didn’t put Vail on this list. They average 350″.

    List is kinda dumb because it is counting ties as a separate slot on the list.
    Also, this list is dumb because these numbers are complete bull shit!

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