Kid Falls 45+ Feet Off Of Chairlift | WARNING: This is Hard To Watch


Kid Falls Off Of Chair Lift 45+ Feet

Below is the ‘About’ provided with the video. 

“I was skiing when my friend gets off balance and ends up hanging from the chair. He did not have the security bar down. He hung from about Pole 8 to 21, and at 21 he fell. This was on a lift that averages 37ft above the ground, But pole 21 was the 3rd highest strech at about 45ft high, 19 being the highest. He suffered from injuries including: concussion, skull fracture, collapsed lung, and a lacerated liver.” – TriipyHD

He had to be helicoptered out to a local hospital.

  • whoop whoop

    WOW all of you are pretty sensative people eh? I have skied well over 1500 days in the last 11 years and have never put the annoying head bashing bar down, and have never had even a close call…..you have to be a Fin idiot to fall off a chair slippery or not.

  • Bones

    The only time I don’t like people putting the bar down is when they don’t ask and bash me in the head. Happens all the time during peak tourist season.

  • JB

    Maybe I’m being really stupid here, but I honestly can’t get my head around why you wouldn’t pull the bar down? I mean, seriously?! I’ve been skiing for 20 years, ski and coach at a good level and with guys who are at an awesome level (way better than me) and don’t think I’ve been on a chair anywhere with anyone that hasn’t pulled the bar down. Unless this is a North American thing? I’m from Scotland for the record, though have skied a lot of the alps. This isn’t supposed to read as a list of how great I think I am, just the fact that I’ve skied a lot in a lot of places and never come across this. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t pull it down…

    Goes without saying that I hope the kid is OK though, that must have been terrifying. Seriously can’t believe that there are people giving the kid abuse – yes it was probably a stupid thing to do but I think they’ve learned a pretty damn hard lesson. Same goes for the avalanche video the other day – yes the guy made some stupid mistakes that triggered the av, but I don’t understand why you would lay in to the guy when he’s had a near death experience like that. I guess some people are just dicks…

    Sorry for the essay!

  • DOUG


  • Ski Bum

    Here’s the story from the local paper:

    “Basically, the kid is home and he is fine,” Cody Sheppard, the ski patrol director at Ski Santa Fe, told the Santa Fe New Mexican. “It was kind of a dramatic deal. I guess he was attempting to throw a snowball to the chair in front of him, where some friends were, and when he threw the snowball, the momentum just carried him out of the chair. He did hang on for a while, but then he had to drop.”

    Sheppard did not identify the teen but said he was airlifted via helicopter to a local hospital.

    The footage was uploaded by a YouTube user named TriipyHD, who stated that among injuries sustained were a “concussion, skull fracture, collapsed lung, and a lacerated liver.”

    Sheppard, however, said none of the injuries required surgery.

    “They kept him for observation for a couple of days, and then he was released,” the patrol director said. “I’d probably shatter. There is something about being young and flexible, I guess, and just lucky the way you land.”

  • Tom A. Hawking

    If you put the bar down you are a gaper. If you don’t know what happened to his gear you are a gaper. If you think riding a chairlift is somehow risky or dangerous then you are just a complete moron. If you are reading this right now and thinking “well I put the bar down but I’m not a gaper” … newsflash: you are a gaper. go back to the baaaaay!

    • JB

      I hate this whole trip people have that they somehow have more right to the mountain than other people. If someone wants to snowplough around a green run all day, go for it. They have as much right to be there as I do. When people are being stupid that’s another story, but seriously – this kind of elitism within skiing/snowboarding is such a turn off for so many people. Who honestly gives a shit?

      Pull your head out of your ass.

  • Drewcious

    This was up at Santa Fe in NM. I live an hour away from this mountain and ride it many times a year. I know exactly where this kid fell. A VERY rocky glade going up to the highest peak and there hasnt been much snow this year there. Hes lucky he didnt die because of those conditions but that still sucks.

    • Esteban

      What other accommodations can we make for you clowns? Need your own specific snowboard chairs so you have plenty of room and can use the bar and footrest? How bout your own ski (?) area?
      Get a grip, cod boy. Learn how to use the lift or just stay away

    • Ski Bum

      I think you spoke to soon. Read below. It gets back to the normal hating and idiotic comments. I was hopeful for a while too. Alas…

  • Ski Bum

    Like we tell the kids, “Sit back, hold on, no fooling around”. The safety bar should always be down after saying, “bar down”. The exception is with toddlers.
    This looks odd because the rider has no skis or board. Doubtful it’s staged, like with a dummy or something, but if it’s real, that must of hurt!!!!!

  • Jerry

    FYI to guy who wrote this up and for all you, for legal reasons its called the “courtesy” bar not that safety or security bar..

    • johnnygaper

      aaaactually… it is called a safety bar, depending on what mountain you are at. I know because I saw the sign on the mountain today that says “raise safety bar”. I saw this because I’m part of the minority on this website that actually skis.

  • ShredZgnar

    I never use the safety bar when its there and the chairs its on are safe and steady… on the other hand skibowls double chairs (all of them) have no safety bar and can get to swinging especially if solo. If your on a swinger better hold on tight when you pass the lift towers with a good swing you can actually chair bonk several towers. Upper bowl would have some nasty drops. I could definitely see this happening to someone even trying to play it safe.
    Ok so CCC has a point when the front foot is sore and the back foot is lazy the safety bar makes a good footrest.

    • 4 Evergreen

      None of Baker’s chairs have bars and it has tons of wet slippery snow. Baker is dangerous don’t go there.

    • Skier4life

      What! 2 thumbs down?

      You nailed it on what is important. Kids should always be taught to be responsible so they grow up to be responsible adults. Adults that can access any situation, even if they are near blackout from Jack, can calmly put the bar down for their safety, knowing full well on a regular sober day they would never use the useless safety bars.

      And of course we have the stupid people. They just need to be reminded they need their hands held when doing anything in their lives. Until the day their luck runs out and they die as a result of their stupidity. Funny how that’s just the way life works.

      In all I feel bad for the kid, one of my worst nightmares, and I hope he recovers fully from his injuries.

      (Lesson learned Kid? More like a lesson to us all.)

  • Heavy

    Was actually just made fun of this past weekend for wanting to put the Red Dog bar down. For what ever reasons in my old age lifts scare me more than they used to…

    • true

      I’m only 26 and I’m getting more spooked of lifts now, my riding has gotten better and steep slopes don’t get to me. But I hate thinking of that one wire holding everything together. That gondola ride at Squaw for some reason, no thanks. Can’t imagine places like Chamonix..

    • Powdigger

      Red Dog has that effect on many people. Got stuck on that chair over the highest part in 2001 for 20min. Wow something about that chair! I put the bar down on Red Dog.

    • Anonymous

      Red Dog lift is sketch, I don’t blame you, it has the weird low backs and looks like death if you fell almost any where off that thing. I thought they were gonna replace it?

  • Crazy

    Is there someone else on that chair too!? They’re wearing white pants so I can barely tell, but I think there is somebody. That’s even worse they couldn’t help him back up

    • intBCpow

      Yes there is definitely someone on the chair with him! Why did they not help!!! It almost looks like a women, but either way.

  • Afrojive

    First off all what happened to this guy’s gear? Second what caused him to slip off, icy chair, not paying attention?

    This is in Santa Fe on the Millennium chair. This run is called columbine. If he would have held on for a few more seconds, he would have fallen on a cat walk.

    Hope he pulls though ok. What a nightmare.

  • Sman

    Holy crap! Safety bar or not I’d say we’ve all taken our fair share of chairlifts rides with no bar…. That’s just crazy man. He had to be scared outta his mind. Really hope patrol got to him fast and he is ok.

  • matt

    because people think theyre “too cool” for it, or ive even almost slipped through because the chair was covered in soft powder/slippery. its a possibility and most people think theyre invincible. That could have been the worst possible way to land also. Hope he’ll be okay

  • kudos

    Kudos to Unofficial for sharing this and similar posts about accidents. Viewers will pass blame but the bottom line is that people need to know that this is a risk.

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