When BASE Jumping Goes Horribly Wrong | WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC


Base Jumping Accident (Aftermath) – Footage of a Man In Shock


Watch a video of the crash and read an update on the jumpers condition here.

Video of Crash and Update On “When BASE Jumping Goes Horribly Wrong | WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC”

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  • Gee

    In a Facebook update Ammon stated that doctors were able to save the foot but there is still a high risk of infection. Get well soon man. Sorry this happened.

  • CB

    Micro surgery is amazing these days, tourniquets are not a write off for limbs) big thank you to the armed forces and teaching hospitals who have pushed it so far and made PHTLS what it is today). Hope his timeline for recovery isn’t too bad. Head up brotha!

  • Mattly

    so sorry about this! You are a true composed badass! I hope the best for you.
    My best thoughts go out to you!

  • Thomas Mann

    Thats a nasty injury for sure, heal well man. But I do have a question for somebody in the know. The jump that was filmed and shown on KSL news shows a person jumping off the tombstone. This video looks to be shot closer to town along KC BLVD.. WHat gives there????

  • Serious guy

    Seriously dude! Tosh.0 is going to have a field day with your video. I think this guy should get cast as a one legged Rambo, but with balls the size of coconuts. This guy has such a high pain threshold it makes the guys from BME Pain Olympics look like pussies. Oh wait, they sort of made themselves that way, ha! Well my hat goes off to this guy and loosing his leg for our fucked up enjoyment. And for that I thank you!

  • Zippy

    Yep that hurts for a while. Mine grew back on eventually, hope his does also. Dilaudid is something I didn’t know I liked until they gave me some, it took the edge off.

  • CamInUT

    Mad props to this guy for remaining sooooo calm given the situation. Super brave dude, obviously filming and talking about it was the only way to comfort himself. Hope he received prompt help and is recovering OK.

  • dude

    at least he didnt die. These days a below the knee prosthetics are pretty well designed almost like a real leg. That sucks though, he was smart enough to put a tourniquet above the knee.

  • Scott

    Like ng said..that’s ammon. That dude has practically had his brains leaking out of his head before.

    That is a horrific accident. His pain control is beyond super human.

  • Ross

    “Shock” is one of the most misused medical terms. Without taking his vitals we can’t say that this guy isn’t going into shock from, say hypovolemia, but as others have commented his demeanor is not that of someone whose body is compensating for hypoperfusion.

    Tough SOB. Lucky too.

  • ng

    yeah. that’s ammon. he’s not in shock. he knows how to deal when the shit hits the fan. so sorry he got so badly injured. i hope that they can save his leg and that he gets to climb bigwalls and jump off the top some more, or just take a walk with his mom.

    • Lojack

      If your foot has been torn off by the ankle you can guarantee his body is in shock, he obviously knows how to keep calm with that amount of adrenaline rushing through his body but you can’t just decide not to go into shock because your too chilled out for chemical reactions released by severe trauma.

      • CamInUT

        Yeah there’s a difference between medical shock and emotional “shock”–he’s not yet in volume shock but he could be if emergency folks don’t reach him quick enough.

    • Lojack

      His bodies in shock and pumped full of adrenaline. Luckily he’d have been picked up by the chopper and pumped full of morphine before the real pain set in but man that’s gotta suck.

      • oxygen22

        Ammon is just like that. The dude has gone through much tougher than this! You have to have kept your cool to have saved yourself AND your leg in the process.

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