The World's First 5 Star Heli-Ski Lodge | Puma Lodge, Chile

The Puma Lodge, located outside of Santiago, Chile is the world’s first 5 star Heli-Ski Lodge. Opened at the start of the 2011 South American ski season this dedicated Heli-ski lodge is unlike anything in the world of high-end heliskiing. The lodge is being advertised as the “most comfortable experience of any heli-ski operation in the world” with full Spa facilities, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, well equipped gym, comfortable stretching room, boot room, in-house medical clinic, games room, library, dining room with stunning views of the Andes, comfortable lounge/bar and a wine cave stocked with the finest wines produced in Chile and Argentina.

Chilean Heliski, the heliski operation based out of the Puma Lodge, boasts terrain that receives more then 400″ of annual snowfall as well as a run thats more then 9000 vertical feet and almost 10 miles long. Thats like skiing from the top of Granite Chief at Squaw Valley down to sea level!

The official website tells us that the “Puma Lodge is designed to deliver most comfortable experience of any Heli Ski operation in the world to a maximum of 24 guests. Ensuring our guests complete comfort with an intelligent delivery of welcoming hospitality in a highly efficient and completely self contained, modern Eco designed facility.

Remotely located at the foot of our front range with stunning mountain vistas, where 2 great rivers meet, we have created a mountain lodge experience that we are very proud of and that we warmly invite you to come enjoy and share with us.”

A week stay at the Puma Lodge will set you back $13,539, which is probably more then you would earn in an entire year working at your local ski shop. But, if you are part of the 1% and enjoy flying in helicopters this is THE place to burn some Jet-A!

PumaLodge (1)^ This could be you



  • Anonymous

    I would suggest not using an Argentine photo of one of the most distinguishable mountains in the Andes for a Chilean hell operation. Show some of the terrain you access it would be much more helpful in making choices on who to fly with.

  • Sunny Hamilton

    I would suggest showing some of the terrain you access instead of one of the most distinguishable valleys in the Argentinian Andes. Las Lenas. It would be more helpful to see the terrain you access !

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