OFFICIAL 2014 Winter Weather Forecast from the Farmers Almanac.



OFFICIAL 2014 Farmers Almanac Winter Weather Forecast


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Official 2014 Winter Weather Outlook From the Farmers’ Almanac

Here is a look at the official winter weather prediction from the Farmers’ Almanac. We have reported before on the accuracy of the Farmers Almanac but what do you think?

Northeast: Bitterly Cold & Snow Filled

Mid-Atlantic: Cold, Wet & White

The South: Chilly & Wet

Mid-West: Piercing Cold with Normal Snowfall

The South West: Frosty Unusually Wet

West: Cool with Near-Normal Precipitation

Pacific Northwest: Dry & Chilly


Here are a few other winter weather prediction / outlook / forecasts.

2014 Winter Weather Forecast / Prediction From

2014 Winter Weather Prediction From

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  • Z

    I wonder if anyone’s ever gone back to look at the accuracy of their predictions over the years. Not hating on the Farmer’s, just think there would be some interesting finds and trends.

  • uuum

    “Cool with near normal precipation’ sounds “Not hot enough for tee shirts, but you can leave the powder skis at home’

    • optimistic pessimist

      Near-normal in Tahoe is near 450″+. As long as it doesn’t all fall in December, I’ll take it after last year

      • Sir Weather Professor

        On a scale of ascending levels of coldness I adduce it goes from bitterly, to piercing, and then finally to biting. Bitterly is a taste sensation that some characterize as unpleasant to the taste buds but nevertheless is just a taste. Piercing, however, relates to a painful touch sensation that evokes the sense of acute agonizing pain. Lastly, Biting describes an even more painful state acquired when one is at the receiving end of teeth sinking into your flesh. The difference to all three is how many runs you can take without going in for a hot chocolate break.

    • thermo-mometer

      Piercing cold feels like a spear through your balls. Biting cold feels like your toes getting chomped off.

  • BlahBlah

    Here’s my prediction…Possibly snowy/maybe rainy/sometimes cold/usually cool/definitely a possibility. Got that?! Sad part is, it’s probably much more accurate, than these “professionals.”

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  • GMA

    Wow, are they ever dead wrong for the southwest. California and Nevada are breaking 100 year records for drought and farmers are trying not to panic. I’m now convinced these almanac weather predictions are bogus.

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