The jury has deliberated and here is the verdict. The battle between skiers and snowboarders was initiated by a snowboarder.



Skiers vs. Snowboarders | Who started the fight?

The jury has deliberated and here is the verdict.

The long battle of skiers vs. snowboarders was initiated by a snowboarder. As viewed in the video from the early 80’s, Ted Shred (a.k.a. Blake Barrymore) wasn’t content with just riding fresh lines. According to rules of NSAA Responsibility Code, Mr. Shred was clearly in the wrong.

Evidence Collection Includes:
1:56 – “But, just cruising these big slopes is not enough for Ted. Now, he’s looking for unsuspecting skiers to streak.”
2:22 – “The Shred Baron Strikes Again!”

We the people (a.k.a. Snow Sport Enthusiasts) can all put down our weapons of choice and get along. Shame on you Mr. Shred! You started a civil war that has tormented the slopes for three decades. Fortunately, due to the utmost respect and maturity of today’s riders this madness can stop now the truth is out.


All kidding aside. Thanks to Blake for making some history in what has become one of the greatest sports on Earth. In the meantime, just kick back and enjoy a old gem that might be one of the first snowboard segments on film.

Happy Riding Folks!



  • Miles Clark

    Actually pretty impressive how fast the Shred Baron gets going. Those heli ski streaking shots weren’t staged, were they?

    • Rob Thomas

      This could have been the start of a conspiracy if it were staged! Mr. Shred and those skiers might be the only one’s to know the truth. That’s a heavy burden to carry all these years.

      The footage is from a vintage ski movie by Dick Barrymore called Canadian Mountain Odyssey.

    • Dan Sexton

      I’ve been a skier for a long time and a boarder for not as long but I loved the ted shred thing of course it was staged but how much fun would that be ! Has nothing to do with the “war” get over it get along! havefuniswhatitsallaboutdammit!

      • Rob Thomas

        Correct sir! I agree with you and feel it doesn’t matter what you ride on the hill as long as you’re safe and having fun! This is just some classic footage to enjoy.

      • was it just me...

        or did any one else see “tits” in that long word before anything else?

  • Really

    This footage is from those old ski films that have the one guy narrating and all they do is make fun of snowboarders through staged shots…..lame.

  • Rico

    Something good to watch while the temps rise. Just think how good Ted will be when he learns how to actually make turns!!
    : )

    • Rob Thomas

      Tight turns, feet together, wiggle the butt…and repeat!

      Joining you on this one. I prefer the wide open turns, but the old school form shows some mad skill. Overall, Ted Shred has a new fan…me!

    • n8

      Because with skinny skis you really couldn’t make big long turns in powder. You had to keep jumping to keep your skis coming up out of the snow.

    • Rob Thomas

      It’s a good thing to never understand too! You’re in a group that just enjoys the snow. No need to be a hater.

      …and sorry about your fib, you should get that looked at! :)

    • Rob Thomas

      I try! …it adds a personal touch.
      Gotta love today’s mobile technology. I’m actually in the garage building a ski rack right now. I just take a beer break and check on my Unofficial Family! :)

      • for realz

        I think I mentioned that the first time he introduced himself

        I said lets see how long it last

  • Nathan

    haha LOVE that video – if that isn’t set up then its one of the funniest ski/snowboard videos ever – boom … straight down the hill! :p

    • Rob Thomas

      Pretty funny and check out this little gem I just found…

      I’ve never seen anything like this.

  • james "the beast"

    ha ha bring on the johnny tsunami jokes now. Actually me and a Friend were just talking about this a few weeks ago. I think its the same reason that there is tension between skaters and bmxers or sailors and powerboaters. One they go faster than the other two they are more maneuverable than the other and third the latter goes way bigger and gets way radder than the other.

    • Rob Thomas

      No, cancer sucks!
      You just don’t like snowboarding and you have a right to your opinion. In addition, snowboarding has been a growing industry for over thirty years and it’s not slowing down. It’s also shaped what recreational skiing is today.
      Thank you Snowboarding, thank you!

      • Bigger Sky

        Rob- youve replied on every single post lol. But your right skiing was all stale in the 90′s, without snowboarding we wouldn’t have winter x-games, twintips, terrain parks, fat powder skis, reverse camber, anything resembling style, and the youth of today wouldn’t be part of the culture of skiing or snowboarding.

      • Rob Thomas

        Yes I did…even yours! I usually talk too much anyway. So, taking time to participate and make the experience interactive is not too difficult. I may skip a negative post or make a group reply. But, we are all Unofficial here and this is the way I operate. I hope it’s not too much for some! :)

        @for realz – it’ll last…

  • Richie777

    Its just a crazy trend, I think they call themselves “snow-skurfers” or “ski-boarders”.. Sounds gay, it will never last!

  • Turd Ferguson

    This is totally believable except when the narrator insinuates that snowboarding was invented in Canada. Nothing of note has ever been invented in Canada…

  • Jamie Jones

    You people are obviously not from the mountains. All you can do is regurgitate what you have read in the stupid magazines, written by those also not from the mountains. Sad.

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