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FREEDIVING 190ft Down, 100ft Thru a Tunnel, Then Back Up 190ft | The MOST EXREME Sport in the WORLD

We dare you:  try to hold your breath as long as he does in this video. You’re sitting in a chair at your computer doing nothing and you won’t be able to.  William Trubridge dives 190 feet down, 100 feet thru a tunnel, and then swims 190 back to the surface and still can hold his breath longer than you can sitting in a chair.

freediving the arch

No fins, no wetsuit, no air, no nothing. William essentially does this naked.  The guy if f#$king nuts, no doubt.  If he wasn’t French, people would think he was weird.  Ha, I’m already writing about him in the past tense.  The French are the creme dela creme of all extreme sports and freediving is by far the most dangerous, so of course they’re dominating that, too.

This act of madness was performed at The Arch in Dahab’s Blue Hole in Egypt’s Red Sea in the Sinai.

William is the Unassisted Freediving World Record holder.