Wounded Warrior Launches Huge Sitski Backflip!


Wounded Warrior Launches Huge Mono Ski Backflip!


Four attempts was all that it would take to stomp the landing and send them into the record books.

Over the weekend Anthony Radetic and Trey Humphrey, both Wounded Warriors training with the Aspen Valley Ski Club, thru huge backflips on mono skis joining a select few.  Trey even landed a 360 in a sit ski!

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  • supon

    Seriously you guys are argueing over who and what kind of ski he’s skiing, check yourself he just flew threw the air and flipped and is doing something awesome, I only wish I was there to do it myself, maybe you should respect people who take chances rather than argue over what ski he’s riding or who did it first. BTW a sit ski can be either two or one ski, look at the comps in russia at world cup they have guys on two and one skis in the “sit ski” division!

  • TomTom

    Sweet, fellas! Just a matter of time and you’ll find soft pow and land it on snow, the air bag was the first step

  • Ac

    So sick guys! But Gnar is right dueck and brandon adams have both landed a flip to snow and 360 has also been done. Looks like they were having a blast!

    • TC

      Sit-ski is an alternative name for a monoski. But you are correct in that ski skiers (and just about anyone else), are radder than you.

    • Teecha

      You’re an idiot. Get educated on adaptive before you type again, fool. Sweet use of the R word as well, bro.

    • Mimi

      That *is* a mono-ski. There are two types of sit-skis…bi-skis that have two skis, and mono-skis that have one ski. In the adaptive world, we call this a mono-ski because it has…(drumroll please)…one ski.

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