Squaw Stoke 2013 | Main Air


Tilan Main Air | Fingers – Squaw Valley

Nice work Tilan… careful of the pepper brotha. Stomp town.

  • deane

    definitely baddass! definitely ballsy! definitely not a stomp! close though, this aint the FWT though so who the hell cares it was sick!!

  • chase

    balls to the wall. no question. he had a lot of junk to clear ill give props to the back slap. thats more dangerous than stomping it and lurching forward.

  • sick

    That was bad ass, I’d be willing to bet all you girls calling out the back slap would never hit that and have never stuck anything half that size. Calling people out on the internet takes no balls, hitting that line does

  • Points?

    Not perfect but pretty clean for one of the biggest things at Squaw. Notice to all haters, don’t post negative comments because your a pussy. Squaw passes revoked for vaginal opinions, go BASE if you don’t want real landings.

    • Ya, Points.

      Go open G.N.A.R. and head to 7 minutes in. -50 points for Backslap. Don’t bitch at the people on here…it’s in the rules buster.

      • Anonymous

        Open Squallywood. It’s an 850 point line in all conditions, but that’s pretty damn low snow, then -50 for a backslap and voila 800 point line. Not bad, considering the conditions of the day.

    • Andy H

      That was pretty cool but please be careful.

      Not shown is his buddy going next and coming up 10 feet short landing completely on rocks.

      One of the scariest things I’ve seen in some time.

  • snowmonster

    That’s it for footage on that last storm???? Palisades, <ainline and Granite Chief Peak went off and I saw plenty of hucks and marks, yet no footage made it to unofficial. A damn shame. Making Squaw look bad……

    • jojo

      Agreed so sick of seeing skiers back slap and act like it was some kind of landing. You fall on your back but your ski’s momentum pull you out. OLD

      • Andy H


        Give me a break What’s old is people on the internet nit picking about the merits of every single air. If you can’t see any value in this then you are either the best skier I’ve never heard of or are over compensating for your own lack of skills. I’m pretty jaded myself but sheesh…
        Sure you would have stomped this cleanly…oh that’s right you didn’t do it because it wasn’t worth trying, why bother right?

        Is the point to land or is the point that flying through the air is the coolest feeling ever?

        If you are able to fly 40+ feet through the air at a high rate of speed and land unscathed I would consider that a pretty sucessful trip. That’s what makes skiing so great. What else are we after?

      • Lane Myers

        Jojo, you are a total pussy and I didn’t see you do it. Stop arm chair quarter backing someone’s air. I guarantee you wouldn’t hit that air, PUSSY!!!!!!!

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