Powder Alert For The Sierra & Oregon



A storm system moves onshore into Oregon on Tuesday evening and will dump heavy snow over extreme northern California (1-2 feet) into Wednesday. Southern Oregonresorts near Ashland will see heavy snow and all areas near the border of CA will see even higher amounts.  Mount Hood and the Southern Cascades of WA will see snow on Tuesday (Moderate amounts).

Sierra:   Moderate to heavy snow will be peak during the day on Wednesday with strong winds.  Heavy dumpage could occur near the Crest favoring the Northern Sierrathrough Thursday (12-15 inches likely).   Mammoth will see lower amounts. Snow will taper off on Thursday evening.  Winds will decrease during the day on Thursday.


The Sierra system under Southerly flow ushers in moisture from central Idaho through the northern tip of Utah (Focuses in the NE part of the State) through the Tetons (light snow) on Thursday.   The moisture increases Friday over Arizona (Heavy snow likely), and increases on Friday over the Wasatch range. Areas like Park City are favored with southerly flow.  All mountain areas of the southern Wasatch will see moderate snowfall from Friday PM through Sunday (1-2 feet plus).  Colorado will see the heavy moisture from Arizona extend from southern Utah into the San Juan’s with high snow levels. Snow will be heavy from Friday night through Saturday.  Areas near Taos and Wolf Creek could see heavy amounts through the weekend (dense snow turning lighter late).  The cold front stalls over the Wasatch and extends into a wide area of Colorado on Saturday night.  Heavy snow is likely in many locations of central and northern Colorado Saturday night through Monday (Colder air filters in).

The East Coast gets into the action by late in the week over the Mid Atlantic Region (DC into PA) with a good shot of 7-14 inches in many spots!  Hence the powder alert issued for that area as well


Amounts and chase spots are hard to pin down!  More details to follow.  Currently the Chase should include southern Oregon and the Sierra, mid week, Wasatch late week into the weekend, San Juan’s Saturday, and Central Colorado including Summit County for Sunday/Monday.

Powderchaser Steve



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