Coors Light and K2 Go Backcountry with Squaw Valley Ski Patrol

Coors Light and K2 Go Backcountry with Squaw Valley Ski Patrol

Join the Coors Light Six Pack and the Squaw Valley Ski Patrol, as they head out-of-bounds to hit some untouched backcountry terrain.


  • Anonymous

    Cold activated skis and snowboards so the summer doesn’t sneak up on you. NEVER GO FULL RETARD!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe someday those of use not shooting a lame beer commercial will get to leave the resorts and ride White Wolf, and not just that worthless traverse.

  • Lametastico

    Too early for April 1st ? Must be a legit attempt to draw more uneducated, redneck Coors’ drinkin’ apes into the backcountry, Git R Done !

    • Anonymous

      “The Iron Cross has been popular with many bikers, hot rodders, skinheads and others, using German iconic militaria to promote a tough-guy image, or as a symbol of rebellion or non-conformity”

      • extreme bench larry

        Yes and the pro patrol has been using it on their jackets for over 20 years. I for one like it because it looks cool and you can instantly tell the difference between a pro and a national.

  • nipples are cold activated

    Squaw has been whoring out their patrol a lot….Undercover Boss, Coors/K2 circle jerk…what’s next? Patrolling with The Kardashians?

  • TBAG

    We need to bring Nancy back! I miss dysfunctional Squaw where they didn’t care and didn’t try to market C-Minus… Well, the end is near… put your helmets on because the squaw experience is going to taste like baby aspirin.

  • Anonymous

    lets delve into this….first, everyone knows coors light sunk the titanic. its a given. second, the “backcountry” was complimented nicely with warren miller slo-mo’s. third, robin could outski any one of those guys im sure. fourth, those skis looked freezing, how do you not get frostbite touching them? kardashians are still stupider

  • Agent P

    First a segment on Wirthless Andy then this. You’ve got an 0 and 2 count and the guy on the mound is throwing a 100.

  • Ski Bum

    It’s a commerical. That said, well done. It’s not a documentary on the back country. All the skiers/riders are really good, and if you don’t know that, then you don’t know Squaw. The patrol had an opportunity to shoot a commerical, Squaw gets some pulblicity, and everyone had fun. Nothing wrong with any of that. Yes, the traverse is not “back country” but to the public, it’s something new and it’s worth promoting. Lots of people drink Coors Light. PBR is only slightly better…Relax. Nobody sold out. It’s just a commercial.

    • Tom A. Hawking

      “Nobody sold out. It’s just a commercial.” <– haha I'm not sure you quite understand the term "selling out" then.

      • Ski Bum

        @Tom A. Hawking,
        Here’s one definition from Urban Dictionary. I don’t think Squaw, Patrol, K2, or Coors forgot or compromised their roots in any way with this video. Most people that ski drink beer, like to watch good skiers, and enjoyed a pumped up video. Skiing, beer, ski gear, etc are already a business. This is just a promotion, done very well. Try and get over your negative view, you might enjoy life a little more. Nobody sold out here.

        “Anyone who sacrifices artistic integrity in an effort to become more successful or popular (generally in music); someone who forgets their roots.”

      • Tom A. Hawking

        I don’t know why you think my view is negative. Your definition is spot on though. Why would ski patrol want to pretend to like a shitty beer? Why would Coors use Squaw Ski Patrol (sacrificing artistic integrity by getting cool people that don’t actually use your product to seemingly like your product) if not in an effort to become more successful or popular? Sure, many people that ski also drink beer, but not many drink Coors Light (at least that I know, high school was a long time ago) unless it’s free or that is the only thing available. Also, K2 and Coors definitely didn’t compromise their roots as they have no roots left to compromise. That happened a looong time ago.

      • Ski Bum

        OK, we agree to disagree. K2 sells a lot of skis and Coors sells a lot of beer, including Coors Light. Life goes on…

  • I'm an Idiot,,

    for even watching this POS after all the comments, WTF?, guess I’m just bored as shit. As far as ‘world class athletes’ did any of those larrys ever compete in any world cup events? Didn’t think so.
    Gael is a tool!

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