Trevor Thompson out to get it in Chamonix, skiing powder and smiles all around.

Chamonix, Truckee Style | A Day In The Life

Chamonix, Truckee Style | A Day In The Life


Chamonix, Truckee Style | A Day In The Life

Music meister and trombone toting Trevor Thompson has been out to get it in Cham, skiing big lines and getting his Ice Tool workout in.  If you haven’t been to Chamonix, you should probably book now!

The first two months in Chamonix have blown my mind. The skiing has been great, the food fantastic, and the stoke high. Living here has changed the way I see the mountains. For instance, without facing the risk of losing my pass, my life-long paranoia of hopping over railings and ducking under ropes has been cured completely. The European logic is simple, as long as you lower the safety bar on the chairlift, you can go anywhere in the mountains you’d like. Makes sense to me! After a couple weeks of warmer weather, winter is on its way back so keep your eyes out for some more videos proving that life in the Alps doesn’t suck!

– Trevor Thompson

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