How Much Does It Snow In Japan?


How much does it snow in japan? Well, this much.

Image: powerfulstorms.com

Image: Mountainwatch.com

  • captain sukicookie

    *looks at snow outside* “Man, Thats a lot of snow oustide” *looks at pictures* (-_-)……………………………..DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………

  • BC_POW

    I always get confused – doesn’t it snow around 600″ at the higher snowfall resorts in Japan?

    Mt Baker usually gets more than that, Alta/Snowbird/Brighton get 50-100″ less than that but you don’t see this kind of snow anywhere else in the world. Nothing even compares.

    Every time I look at a few Japanese ski resort weather reports, they are getting pounded with feet and feet of snow – what is the deal? Do they report less than they receive?

    Where in Japan does the most snow fall annually?

    • herro prea

      I read somewhere that the snowiest parts of the japanese Alps receive on AVERAGE 1200-1500″ each year.

      I mean shit, Aomori City, which is at sea level averages 304″ in a very dense city of 300,000 people. Thats an absurd amount of snow for a CITY.

      I guess that’s what happens when you’re on an island with cold air pouring in from siberia

    • WhoBobWhatPants

      I would say record now year. Hirafu/Niseko will get on average 12ish meters(~472in) total snowfall every year. Last season(11/12) they got 15.3 meter(602in), this season is even better.

      Right now at Hirafu Grand the have a snow base of 4.9 meters(192in) at the top.

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