Snowboarding Police Hit Slopes to Bust Pot Smokers in Canada


 RCMP officers are volunteering their time to to bust pot smokers at Lake Louise and Nakiska resorts in Canada. Here is more on this story from the CBC

RCMP officers are hitting the slopes to patrol at 2 Alberta resorts

Alberta RCMP officers are strapping on skis and snowboards to patrol the slopes at Lake Louise and Nakiska, two resorts west of Calgary.

The officers, who are in uniform and carrying weapons, are focusing their attention on substance abuse on the chairlifts and gondolas.

“It’s going to deter people from bringing narcotics or have that second look of doing something on the ski hill because they know there is going to be a police presence,” said RCMP Cpl. Jeff Campbell, the detachment commander in Lake Louise.

The officers will also be keeping an eye out for possible thefts from the ski racks.

Not all the skiers and boarders in the Powder Keg Lodge at Lake Louise are welcoming the news.

“It makes sense. It sucks, but it makes sense,” said one visitor to the hill.

“I would think that more recklessness comes from people coming in and drinking at lunch time and then going back out … Are you going to give somebody a ticket for drinking and then skiing? … It seems like a very slippery slope to me.”

“I feel like the chairlift is my time to smoke reefer.”

RCMP made one minor drug seizure of marijuana in December.

  • Anonymous

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  • marky212

    I can’t believe what a bunch of crap this is. We are paying them $100 grand a year to harass ordinary law abiding citizens and bust a couple people smoking a joint. I hope the stupid cops get their asses kicked by a whole mob of angry snowboarders.They have turned our country into a police state pretending they are helping but all they do is drain our economy and imprison normal law abiding citizens for things that should be legal. Go to hell Cops you are ruining our once great country.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Pffft. I love how Canada has become a police state. Democratic, clean and chill on the outside but absoluuuutely dominated by police. Snowboarders smoking pot is what they are concerned about? Shouldn’t they be busting real criminals? Or preventing highschool kids sell pharmaceuticals in the smoking sections now. Such a bunch of shit…Our small town is almost bankrupt with rising police budgets.

  • torn edge

    Hey, legal eagles….do ski areas have an obligation to show diligence in upholding marijuana laws, are they compelled to enforce those laws on their private property? on our forest land property? or expose themselves to a liability issue?

  • torn edge

    The Dec 15 interdiction sounds wild. “…myself and two other officers, ski patrol…..” followed and apprehended…. ( that’s quite a posse).

    It will suck when they start ‘typing’ people and harassing those with the characteristics they deem suspicious, long hair, baggy clothes, youth, age, haha, etc.

    Stay cool, be free, and as noted, beware the Squaw parking lot and other very public zones.

  • Stonerpotatoman420

    You fat ass cops cant catch me, ill wait until i see you light a joint infront of you and leave your greasy pig ass behind

  • the COP

    Im one of the police officers patroling at Lake Louise. I ski on Hellbents and will drop any cliff you can. You cant out run me… Im better then you. The truth of the matter is dont gave me a reason to be a dick and i wont. Greatful shred

    • johnnymillz

      your not better than me piggy piggy! If smoking pot is a reason for you to be a dick then you prob have bigger issues than we can resolve on UN….

  • John D.

    I think people are just sensitive about this topic because cops are such dicks when it comes to traffic violations. Oh no you’re going 15 over at a school zone at night let me ruin the day for you….. I don’t event smoke but man does seeing the police make the ski hill not relaxing at all.

  • Whistleryank

    carrying guns is retarded. I have lost cameras, smoke packs etc after a fall. What if one of these idiots loses his gun in the snow and a kid finds it and shoots himself in the face? All bc they were out to bust harmless dope smoking CDNs which are about 20% of the country, the largest percentage in the world.

  • Whistleryank

    In addition paying cops to snowboard all day and bust one person for pot in December is an outrageous waste of money. Let them snowboard on their own time and dime. This is Canada for god sakes not the States. QUit harassing harmless pot smokers and go after some rapists or gangs will ya ffs

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