No Matter How #7: Sunny Swiss Shredfest

SkiTheEast.net and Meathead Films brings you No Matter How #7: Sunny Swiss Shredfest

Whiteford, Erik, and Marion skip over the pond to Switzerland during the mega-meltdown of March 2012. Temps reached 80˚F in Burlington, VT and the crew decided to leave the tropics and head to the Alps which were having an incredible season.

In this Part 2, the Swiss escapade continues with the big mountain crew slaying during days 3-5 of the trip. With temperatures on the rise, sunny blower pow days are limited and the Meats and the Ortlieb brothers continue to schralp the goods. Cliff air trickery, big front flips, big lines, and straight lines ensue. Not to mention some snippets of a Swiss feast featuring a traditional dinner of sausages, potatoes, bacon, cheeses, and fondue (more cheese!), as well as the best scenic eating shot of Meathead history.

“No Matter How” is a behind-the-scenes and bonus footage webisode series chronicling the 2012 winter with Meathead Films. The series showcases just how the crew managed the season, dealt with the struggles and logged lots of worthy outtakes that never made it into the feature movie. The feature length film “No Matter What” was released on DVD and iTunes in the fall of 2012.

No Matter What on DVD: https://store.skitheeast.net/products/no_matter_what_dvd.html
No Matter What on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/no-matter-what-east-coast/id577637452

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