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Bode Miller Files Lawsuits To Gain Custody of His Illegitimate Children

Bode Miller has filed two separate lawsuits to gain custody of his illegitimate children. Here is more on the story from the #1 ski law blog skiesq.com.

Bode Miller Files Two Paternity Suits

If ski racer Bode Miller thought his model/volleyball player bride, Morgan Beck, had cause to be angry when Bode shanked a 5-iron into her eye this summer, he might have a different level of angry on his hands now. Bode Miller appears to have had a busy offseason. In addition to getting married to the aforementioned Miss Beck, he apparently appears to have fathered an illegitimate child by a woman named Sara McKenna. Were that the end of the story, it might not be entirely newsworthy, but according to TMZ, the world-renowned alpine racer has now filed lawsuits alleging custody of Ms. McKenna’s child to be born in February and a four year old boy whose mother is a woman named Chanel Johnson.

When a plaintiff files a paternity lawsuit, he – and it is almost universally a “he” since pregnancy is a pretty good hint for the woman that the child is half her doing – seeks either to establish or disprove paternity of a certain child. In earlier times, the law had complicated set of presumptions it applied to establish paternity. DNA testing has taken some of the sport (and lawyering) out of such proceedings and can conclusively establish paternity.

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