What $7.2 Million Will Buy You In Sun Valley


Sun Valley Home For Sale: $7,200,000

Sun Valley is world renowned for it’s decadence, movie stars and ankle deep powder. The resort, which was home to the worlds first chairlift, has been attracting the rich and famous for longer than you have been alive. Own a home in Sun Valley and start using winter as a verb (as in we winter in Sun Valley). Here is one for a cool $7,200,000 with views of Mount Baldy.

  • Bedrooms:6 beds
  • Bathrooms:6 baths
  • Single Family:7,395 sq ft
  • Lot:Unknown
  • Year Built:1999
  • Parking:Garage
  • Cooling:Unknown
  • Listing website:Sun Valley Sotheby’s…
  • [zillow.com]

  • Jumbo

    I have skied way more powder on Baldy than any place in Tahoe. Crappy snow and crappy skiers there. thats for sure. Best ski mountain on the planet. Baldy rules. Trophy homes suck, bet hey we get work fixing them, cause they always break, and most of them were designed by stupid Cali archytechs ego fucks.

  • frechy canuk

    not a big fan of this what would whatever million buy you in some rich prick ski town… pretty flipping tacky.

  • spaulding smails

    Yeah, Sun Valley sucks so none of you should ever bother visiting.

    Really, the touring is awful, there is no nordic at all, it’s never sunny, the locals are jerks and there is really no surrounding wilderness to enjoy.

    Add to that the lack of good mountain biking, fishing, paragliding, kayaking and peak bagging and all you have is an isolated mountain town with a low population and too many empty huge houses.

    Yes, if I were all of you, I would avoid Sun Valley at all costs…

  • sizzle

    We should be so lucky that wealthy gapers flock to a secluded mountain with less annual snowfall than Vermont. More houses like this should be built, better yet transported from Tahoe, Colorado and Jackson.

    • therealketchum

      hey sizzledick – not everyone in SV is wealthy, old and retired. I work hard, like right now, and pay the dues (and all my bills) just like everyone else (who isn’t in prison.) We just happen to know what sv and id are all about which is why we live here and you don’t. Stay, boy, stay.

  • sunvalleysucks

    ankle deep powder only happens once or twice a year. you should have mentioned the boiler plate on a 20 inch base of man made snow.

    • svsuckscanblowme

      Boiler plate huh? Good, stay away – we’re just WAY too difficult to get to and JHole and Alta are so close you should just travel there where all the super gnar brohbahs go to wait in lines and puff out their chests while trying to remember “yeah, I’m radder than you”. p.s. where were you in December while my crew was shredding knee deep pow for over 2400′ of uninterrupted fall line – on one run? check it out svs, it’s named Christmas. Have fun traversing you tool.

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