Last Winter Vs. This Winter | Total Liquid Precipitation For The West

This graphic compares the precipitation in December 2011 with the precipitation for December 2012. The image on the left represents the total liquid precipitation that fell during December 2011. The image on the right is the total liquid precipitation that fell over the last 30 days of 2012 ending on December 28th. The images show the stark contrast between the exceptionally dry December of 2011 and the very wet December of 2012. Below the images are the snowfall totals for Reno, Tahoe City and Mammoth Lakes. Tahoe City received 0 inches of snowfall in December 2011, in December 2012 Tahoe City received 42 inches of snowfall. As of December 28th the snow water equivalent (total water in the snowpack) in the Truckee River basin is 204% and 169% in the Lake Tahoe Basin. – US National Weather Service Reno Nevada