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Wheel Blades | Tiny Skis for Wheelchairs


Since the invention of the wheelchair people have struggled to get around when conditions turn snowy or icy.  The small stabilizing wheels in the front often sink into the snow and slide around on the ice, but a new piece of gear has changed all that. Wheel Blades are “small, high-end skis that attache to the front wheels of wheelchairs or strollers in just one click. The skis improve mobility in winter’s snowy and icy conditions.

A set of Wheel Blades costs $269 dollars and can be ordered on their website www.wheelblades.ch

  • Saw those today!

    There was a lady at Squaw today with skis that fit onto her stroller. She used them to get over to watch the kids racing.

    Not the same shape, hers were longer and skinnier, shaped more like cross country skis.

  • Minnesota mike

    There’s something about the shape of a ski that makes me want to try a pair of every kind. That said, keep on keepin on to folks who don’t get to choose novelty over practicality. And if I ever F myself up really really bad then thanks for making some wicked sweet stuff to keep the gravity fix alive!

  • MTB Dude

    They make maxxis high rollers for wheelchairs now? I bet that dude gets a lot of pinchflats on his wheel chair.

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