New KT-22 Backcountry Gate OPENS Today!


As of today, Squaw Valley has opened a backcountry gate off KT-22! The gate enters USFS land and heads towards neighboring resort Alpine Meadows. We will be heading up this afternoon to check it out and will have a full report on the site later today. 

Here is more information on the opening from Squaw Valley: 

Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, in conjunction with the USFS, are conducting a backcountry access pilot program that permits access to the backcountry terrain between the two resorts as of Monday, January 7, 2013. Once an individual leaves either boundary, he or she is on their own with no services provided. Should rescue become necessary, it is the responsibility of the Placer County Sherriff’s office. Backcountry access from Squaw Valley will be via one gate located approximately 100 yards West of the KT Saddle. From Alpine Meadows, skiers and riders can access the backcountry terrain to Squaw Valley from North Estelle Peak. Those with any questions should direct them to Ski Patrol at the top of KT-22 at Squaw or at the top of Summit Chair at Alpine. The gates may be closed at any time and access to the gates may be precluded by other mountain closures. This pilot program opens the access to the backcountry, thus permitting passage between the two resorts.

Please be aware:

  • Hiking is required with a substantial climb required to enter either resort.
  • Know how to use and carry an avalanche beacon, probe and shovel.
  • Alpine Tour or Telemark equipment and climbing skins are highly recommended.
  • There is no cell phone coverage in the area between the two resorts.
  • Be advised you are entering United States Forest Service land.
  • The land to the East is private property (please, no trespassing).
  • The land to the West is wilderness (there is no way out).
  • The KT Gate provides access to Alpine Meadows with very limited downhill skiing/riding.
  • Partner up.
  • No rescue beyond this point – YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!
  • Ski Bum

    Huge step in the right direction. All positive, nothing negative on this development. Props to Troy, Squaw, and the USFS.

    • Stand Correct

      Er, dude, I think you’re missing the ‘direction’ that hiking actually takes you to GOOD SKIING.

      KSL/WIRTH et al still haven’t gotten a clue.

      • Ski Bum

        Agreed, hiking usually takes one to good skiing. In this case it’s a way for skiers to have an adventure and do what thousands have been asking for…
        To ski to Alpine from Squaw or vice versa. I’m not saying it the Haute Route. I’m saying it’s a baby step in the right direction. It’s more positive than negative in my opinion. If you don’t choose to do it, then take the bus, stay at one resort, or ski at a different mountain all together. I wish you and the other whiners would stop throwing a wet towel on anything positive at Squaw. If you think Squaw Valley and it’s management is so terrible why do you go there at all? All the people I speak to are having a great season so far, loving the snow, the vibe, and are very happy. A gate opens and allows transportation on skis between resorts and you’re bummed???? Get a life!

      • F#@K KSL, ALEX was the GENIUS

        Dude, I remember when I got my 1st squaw pass too.

        Get a clue, people don’t ski squaw because of ‘management’. If you actually had a clue you would already know how the core Squaw skier has been screwed for decades by management. KSL hasn’t done shit for us and from the looks of it, they aren’t planning on it either.

        If you think new paint jobs, lounge furniture and big screen tv’s are the bomb then you’re bigger idiot than one can imagine.

        Oh, and try to bathe once in a while, you stinkin’ filthy, hippie.

  • Original content please......

    Compared with most every other Tahoe area resorts backcountry access policies this is a sad joke. It is a small stale crumb off a huge cake we still can not eat.

  • John Doe

    Just build the damn lift, the proposed 2020/2022 date is a joke!

    Then again the private land owner is just making life hard and wants to make $$$$$$$$ from it…

  • Jamie Schectman

    By referring to a horizontal traverse between private property as a back country gate further confirms that KSL has no clue about the “skiing experience”.

    More Rope Tows, Less Lattes!

    • Ski Bum

      You know you want a Starbucks at Mt Abram. They do serve pizza there though and a pass is over $700. Let’s see, Squaw with 33 lifts or Mt. Abram with 3 lifts. LOL!

  • jahn knob

    any time the powers that be give us simpletons the option to make our own decisions there is a smile on my mug.

  • revloren

    meh. This route was open last spring. It does not provide any practical down-hill connection between the two areas, and would be a waste of time for anyone seeking backcountry turns. Lift assisted X-C however…hmmmm.

    This is just so KSL can say that their resorts are ‘connected’. Baring a drastic change in the 1964 Wilderness Act, AM and SV will never be meaningfully connected. Thank goodness.

  • Bogey

    @Gnarwhale – Nope. People have been asking for a way to go between resorts. This is *a* way (like they say, be careful what you ask for – you just might get it). Unless you’re willing to come up with the $$$ to build a lift between the two resorts, this is it for now. If you wanna complain, don’t complain to Squaw, this is a USFS permit issue.

    Alpine has an open boundary because it operates on a USFS permit. Squaw is privately owned land.

    • Stand Correct

      WAY fi-ng HOMO !! If I want to spend time hiking with skis, pack and shit, don’t you think you’d want to have a pretty sweet ass run???

  • Gnarwhale

    So Andy Wirth is trying to get into the sidecountry business by opening a gate that has less than stellar skiing out of it. Great for a nice tour through 5 lakes but not a lot of skiing along that route.

    Alpine has had an open boundary for years with some actual skiing associated with it. Condo bowls, little alaska, twin peaks, grouse rock, munchkins, outer outer, etc…

  • Heckler

    The land to the West is wilderness (there is no way out).

    WRONG! There is a way out, in fact there is even a trail(good luck finding it in the winter). Do you even think about what you write?

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