East Coast Powdah!

Vermont had one banging good December. Skier, Micheal Hayes, is here to show us all the deepness that was Northern Vermont in December 2012.


The snow gods delivered this December! Skiing at Mad River Glen, Jay Peak, Stowe and Underhill State Park.


  • Adam

    Well done! 100x better than last week’s “One Of The Best East Coast Edits You Will Ever See” It hurts my brain to watch skiing that’s technically dreadful.

    • justin

      over population problem? did you see the vids posted of squaw on christmas week? f that sh. you can have your squaw valley, hour long lift lines, with a bunch of gapers calling each other out. the rest of us will be doing laps getting more faceshots in a day than you get in an entire season.

  • Anonymous

    I love how the comments on this site get more negative by the day. It’s really sad, because the participants on this site had a much better vibe back in 2011. Obviously, we would all be skiing in Jackson or Squaw everyday if we could. However, some of us live on the east coast, and still manage to have a good time skiing. Stop with the negativity, and just enjoy skiing for what it is- fun!

  • justin

    mad river glen!!!

    good vid. awesome conditions. looks like that was mostly lookers right side of single chair. you should try lookers left side. lots of goods as well!

    get out of the back seat.

  • Props

    … Is the skiing better than Squaw, ha good lord no. But east coast tree skiing is awesome and nice work skiing those lines hard and fast!

    • Mad Snob

      I grew up skiing MRG and have skied Squaw for the past three years and honestly as good as Squaw Valley USA is on a powder day it also tends to piss me off. Back east you can ski a 10″ storm for weeks whereas squaw gets turned into the most erratic and shitty mogul field by noon. Everyone at Mad River can actually ski so there aren’t hundreds of gapers ruining the snow. If i could have 18″ of snow at Squaw or back in Vermont I would rip the shit out of the east coast. Although Red Dog trees after Christmas were all time.

  • CB

    Lookout from the top..hard to fathom a better pow day option, East Coast or West. Especially like the hard right under rope line into air…Glad to see others recognize the beauty of that line. Give me a shout when you need a collaborator for you next project. Stowe rocks!

  • Wild Bill

    Nice Work. We ski where we live – we all love to ski the west, but love a good powder day in the East. Great Start to the season!!

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