Bridger Bowl is GOING OFF! 41" in 3 Days

  • scrubitkook

    Bridger kids charge, i remember my last season at big sky, once bridger closed and they all came up to BS, everything that was hike to terrain was tracked out. no doubt bridger and bigsky are sick, the whole area is rad, with great people and amazing mountains!!! if you dont think so, well than do everyone a favor and stay put at your own radical sick mountain which also probably has great skiers/riders and dope pow!!

  • chaaamona

    I think this comment stream needs to focus on how rad the Bridger Brigade is, not about which mountain has a bigger dong.

    • Baxter

      No shit. every one is too serious. go send a cliff or something.

      If you knew the brigade boys, you would know that they are very sarcastic and make fun of both bridger bowl and big sky. the serious people at both places are ridiculous, and its all about FUN and being FUNNY.

  • bkmurf

    Bridger and Big Sky are about 60 miles apart with Bozeman, MT in the middle. Bridger is located in such a way that they seem to get a couple big dumps every year. Super pow days with 20″ plus. The local’s go nuts and the parking lot fills regardless of the day of the week.
    Big Sky on the other hand, while rarely seeing the big pow days, can get 4 – 6 inches a day for weeks on end. If you know the mountain well, you can always find stashes of great snow among the thousands of skiable acres.
    Unfortunately, anytime there’s two facilities, there are fans, and competition. In this case the competition seems especially idiotic since they are both great resorts with excellent skiing.

    • Will

      Can we please do without comments like this? Everyone from Big Sky (except maybe a few asshole locals that all ski areas have) is just as stoked about this system as anyone from Bridger because we all needed it and we had a less than great season last year. We ski for the love of powder and faceshots and not to argue about the pros and cons of different resorts.

      By the way this video is amazing thanks for posting it. The pow was so deep and dry up there on Tuesday.

      • Will

        I don’t know because I went to Bridger and had a great day on super fun terrain on Tuesday… the point I am making is the skiing is more important than where you do it

      • Slash McPowson

        Yep only 1″. It’s terrible down in Big Sky….

        Bridger Brigade rockin’ it! Hell Yeah.

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